chapter 7 think about it


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Chapter 7 Think About It: Mental Health Social Work 445 Vaneecia Harkins Tuskegee University

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Question 1 What mental health services are available to your state’s Medicaid recipients? What is the average expenditure per Medicaid recipient? Is mental health a “ carved-out ” service in your state?

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Question 3 What steps could a private or public insurer take to reduce the “ moral hazard ” problem without denying needed treatment to people with mental illness?

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Question 4 Consider whether mental illness meets the criteria for collective action outlined by Abram de Swaan (see Part II introduction). Do you think improved public understanding of mental illness would change this situation? Why or why not?

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Reference Barusch, Amanda S. (2015). Foundations of social policy. Social justice in human perspective. 5th ed. Cengage Learning. Stamford, CT.