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Cambridge Court World School:Blended Learning Middle School

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Personality Development School Personality development school helps in all round development of a child. They know the importance of personality development program. It makes you creative and innovative. It is also important to develop coordination skills & amiable attitude.Cambridge Court World School is one of the best school which helps in the overall development of children.

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Life Skills Education in Schools Any skill that is valuable in our life can be considered as a life skill. Life skills education in schools helps you to determine the new challenges of everyday life.It also helps in making a lively and a beguiling identity which helps the person, to pick up a constructive name in a group of friends.

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Extra Curricular Activities Extra curricular activities includes sports, singing, music, debate, dance, drama, social services etc. Any child can pick particular activity which he/she likes. It develops an out-going personna Creative Thinking in Schools Creativity needs passion and commitment. Creative thinking in Schools is essential to develop innovative thinking of student.

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Contact Us School Name: Cambridge Court World School Website: Address:Sector-3, Shipra Path- Varun Path, Mansarovar Tel: 0141 2394874

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Summary: At Cambridge Court World School, our academic program prepares students for entry into the finest colleges and universities world-wide focussing on concept based education.

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