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Welcome To The Sound Factor

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What is “The Sound Factor” ??? The Sound Factor specializes in creating custom entertainment and automation solutions for residential and commercial purpose.

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For more information visit TSF Products - Home Automation Home Automation System TSF Home Automation systems provide security, entertainment and at the same time manage your power consumption. Turn your home into a smart-home

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For more information visit TSF Products – Home Cinema Dedicated Home Cinema The Sound Factor is one of the premier designers of dedicated home cinemas. The process begins with selecting the most suitable space in your home, and designing it to meet the highest standards of audio, visual and motion performance

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For more information visit TSF Products – Multi room Audio Multi Room Audio Multi Room Audio system allows you to stream your audio to all/any of your connected speakers. Stream your favorite music, podcasts and even the latest news reports directly from a smartphone, tablet, or multi-room receiver to any room of your house.

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For more information visit TSF Products – Hi-Fi Audio System Hi-Fi Audio A Hi Fi Audio system installation, in addition to offering daily music listening pleasure, helps come close to the source sound quality and remains faithful to the instruments, channels, choices of recordings and mixes.

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For more information visit Other TSF Products EPSON - 3D and Full HD Unleashed FOCAL POWERBIRD 2.1 The All-in-one Sound System YAMAHA YHT 2910 The Ultimate Home Theater Package FOCAL XS Studio Quality 2.1 Sound System

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For more information visit Brands At TSF

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For more information visit Brands At TSF

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For more information visit Brands At TSF

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Thank You Call Us Today for all your Home Entertainment & Automation needs. +(91)-20-4630 2449 +(91)-20-2613 4088 +(91)-932 578 1882 +(91)-932 578 1888

Summary: The Sound Factor is dedicated to all things audio and video and is focused on creating persuasive, effective soundscapes for the ultimate AV experience. The Sound Factor is the brainchild of Milind Mehta and Marzban Irani, two uncompromising audiophiles who’re driven by a passion for music, gadgets and technology. In this presentation we have put together some of the home entertainment and home automation products and services provided by The Sound Factor.

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