Lucile Prache Food Portfolio 2017


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LUCILE PRACHE Charged with youthful energy and vitality, Lucile’s vibrant illustrations have amassed a enthusiastic follow- ing within the international illustration scene. Lucile first emerged within the artistic landscape in Europe during the 1980s shortly after graduating from Penninghen Art School in Paris. During this time she joined forces with fellow designer and colleague Michel Maidenberg to found the Klaxon Graphic Art Studio where she worked extensively with a wide range of advertising agencies. After the birth of her two children, Lucile left Klaxon’s in order to pursue her passion for culinary and fashion illustration. Her energetic color palette combined with a unique artistic flare immediately captivated the atten- tions of numerous leading European fashion publica- tions. As a result, Lucile has worked extensively with Marie Claire, Biba, Depeche Mode, Avantages, Phos- phore and Muze magazines. Lucile lives and works in Paris and spends her free time exploring the food markets and discussing recipes and ingredients.

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Did you always want to be an artist? I grew up in a family of Architects, so I have been drawing since I was a child– It always was and continues to be the best way for me to express myself. Do you listen to music while you paint, and if so what music most sparks your creativity? I am a rock fan through and through! I also love to listen to repetitive music whilst drawing, specifically Philip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach Opera, the hypnotic sounds are fabulous while working. How has your artwork changed or developed over the years? Tell us a little bit about your technique? Initially I worked with paper and collage. I used to combine everything that I found, even objects from the sidewalk, however the advent of computers changed all of that. Photoshop and Illustrator opened my world up to a series of endless possibilities! I was so excited by the new technology that I worked on my Clintiq tablet for years without touching a single sheet of paper! One or two years ago though, I fell back in love with my art supplies and starting painting with watercolors again. What inspired you to become an illustrator? Whilst studying art in Paris I was inspired by a group of French illustrators, the Bazooka group. They were incredible! Their work was heavily inspired by punk music and at the time I was completely enamored with The Sex Pistols. Describe your work studio/environment. My studio is in my flat in Paris, or perhaps I should say that my flat is in my studio as it kind of over runs everything! My kids consider themselves lucky when they are able to eat dinner in the kitchen as I can often be found screen-printing on the table! What song would you chose as the soundtrack to your life? Golden Brown/The Stranglers because it’s a waltz. What could we expect to find in your refrigerator if we took a peak right no? You would find everything for a week long series of pasta meals for my kids… (and some veggies that I try to conceal within the pasta!) Where was your most recent travel destination? I most recently traveled to a French Atlantic Island but I cannot wait to get to NYC next summer– it will be my first time! If you weren’t an illustrator, what alternate career path might you have taken? I would be a dancer for sure! Who are your favorite artists? Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Peter Doig, Mick Jagger, Pina Bausch, Lucinds Childs and Trisha Brown. What is your greatest influence? Most definitely Pop Art! What are you currently working on? I am currently working on silhouettes for a fashion studio in Paris as well as on a series of watercolor botanical plates as a personal project.

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COOKING UP A STORM! There’s an art to cooking and an even greater art to creating an excellent Cookbook. Lucile Prache’s delectable recipe illustrations make this 4 book series by Marabout a must have. Catherine Quevrement and Lucile spent a year working on this project. We wan’t wait to see many more! Previous Cookbooks include Les Petites Toques Lenôtre (Le Cherche- Midi éditeur), Le Monde en 500 recettes (Edition La Martinière), Shabbat en 30 minutes (Edition Le Chêne), À table avec Luana (Le Cherche-Midi éditeur), Ein Italianischer Sommer ( GU Germany)

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French Pastries

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135 East 15h Street New York, NY 10003 T: 212 734 0041 Copyright Notice: This book and all of its contents/images is copyright of Lucile Parache © 2017. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited and punishable by law.

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