English - Teens II


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Teens 2 Creative English Unit 6 – Past tense

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What did Felipe do? He played the guitar.

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What did you eat for lunch? We ate “picadinho”.

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Where did they go? They went to Gramado.

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What did they drink? They drank guaraná. DRINK -DRANK

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What did Bruna wear? She wore a red dress. Wear- wore

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Where were they? They were in Salvador. Be – was / were

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Did Leonardo play tennis yesterday? No, he didn’t. He sailed a boat.

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Did they swim in the pool? No, they didn’t. They swam in the lake.

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What did Evaldinho buy? He bought a motorcycle.

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Irregular verbs Go – went Take - took Drink - drank Be – was / were Buy - bought Think - thought Eat - ate Have - had Wear - wore

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Regular verbs Add “ ed” to form the past tense. Watch Play Listen Want Call Visit comb ed ed ed ed ed ed ed Add “d” if the verb finishes with “e”: Used Changed liked