std 11th online admission app. form filling


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Steps for filling the online admission applications form for process form for std. 11th By ATi

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Step 1

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Step 2: chose the applications form from the left side options you will get as below

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Step 3 contid. fill up the details

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Step 4: After filling up and clicking save and proceed

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Step 5: After clicking ok you will get

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Step 6 continued: click ok you will get

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Step 7: after filling the form you will get and clicking save and proceed you will get

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Step 8: Select your categories and continue

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Step 9

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Step 10: Fill in your marks for cbse students you have to leave it blank

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Step 11

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Step 12: Select your centres both the centres have to be filled

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Step 13

Slide 15

Step 14

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Step 15: Cross check your form

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Click submit and then a new form will come to be printed like this has to be printed and kept safetly.

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The end This form covered the application form process the option form will be covered later Fill the form SAFETLY ATi

Summary: for std 11th online admission

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