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Randomly asks kids to make those faces and make the chart - emotional check in - their picture and name and how do they feel when they walk in the door. Gauge availability to learn. Walk up to teachers desk and put down how they are feeling. Targeting an emotion a week and a discussion. Talk about social skills and what it looks like. As a prompt to help see the difference in how people look when they are angry. Bullying lesson. Social-emotional support, behavioral support, academic support

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Levels of motivation to improve their performance

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Some of the teachers use the timer on the smartboard for transition warnings. Some kids need movement breaks - move things around the classroom -

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2017 Graphical Behavior Charts, Tech Plans Part IV, Curriculum Maps Please sign on to Google Classroom Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

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Gathering prayer Note: Unless otherwise stated images are from pixabay.com (Creative Commons Public Domain - no need to cite - NOT for students)

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Good news/questions/sharing Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, infographics School technology plans

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This and That

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RubiconAtlas catholicschoolsnj.rubiconatlas.org

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Tech Integration Leadership Council Drop me an email

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Catholic School Leadership Program (CLSP) www.shu.edu/academics/ma-eds-catholic-school-leadership.cfm

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YouTube course tinyurl.com/youtubecalling

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Picture Systems to Support Learning

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Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Free trainland.tripod.com/pecs.htm The Myths and Misconceptions surrounding the Picture Exchange Communication System™ (PECS) www.pecsusa.com/Brochures/MythsandMisconceptions2010.pdf

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Do 2 Learn do2learn.com/picturecards/printcards/index.htm

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Support to English Language Learners

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Support understanding of emotions

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Encourage only positive behavior do2learn.com/picturecards/printcards/index.html familiestogetherinc.org/index.php/who-i-am/visual-supports-free

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Behavior chart - individual child

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Contingency Contract (self or teacher monitored) I have ____________ thumbs up 10 8 or more = reward Morning Date:_________________________

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Interactive Whiteboard Schedule

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Motivation to Complete Work

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Motivation to Complete Work

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How Behavior chart for an individual child Manipulated velcro chart Visual chart the teacher writes on Straight data chart for children to monitor themselves Centers Define expected behaviors Monitor behavior during centers as a whole class SMARTboard/Interactive Morning check-in to motivate the students to follow the morning/afternoon routine Motivating afternoon check=in until homework written, packed, etc If an individual gets done - fun motivation - Change it all the time - keep it exciting and new Bounce a ball into a hoop on the SMARTboard Competitive how many tries to get Put an apple on a tree

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Targeted Behaviors Working quietly Hands and feet to yourself Raising your hand Following directions Polite words

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Why Non verbal prompting is much more effective than verbally prompting children Move the child to self-monitoring Implemented by anybody

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Teacher Evaluation Behavioral Charts Behavioral Charts

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Teacher Evaluation Behavioral Charts Behavioral Charts

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Teacher Evaluation Behavioral Charts Behavioral Charts

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Teacher Evaluation Behavioral Charts

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School Technology Plans

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School Technology Plan Work To-Date Share?

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Funding Plan

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Funding Plan STEM Effective use of tech with PD

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Funding Plan www.iste.org/docs/advocacy-resources/title-iv-fact-sheet-for-essa_final.pdf Consultation

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eRate thejournal.com/articles/2017/04/06/april-13-is-deadline-to-seek-competitive-bids-for-e-rate-discounts.aspx

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Stewardship Endowment Grant Application (SEGA) $2,500-$7,500 Part of the budget sent to the Archdiocese Budget due May 31st. If budget is in June 1st - SEGA grant is not considered Archbishop reviews all grants - schools find out in July - funds MUST be used by May Most successful if grant includes security/health Must be a one time purchase: hardware, wiring If you are asking for headphones - bring up helps prevent the spread of lice (security/health)

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Grants/Sweepstakes $10,000 $150 $1,000

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Evaluation Plan

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Appendix A - “eRatable Items” Fiber Optic 500/500 Mbps line Cisco Meraki MR42 802.11ac Wave 2 with Dedicated Security & Bluetooth Beacons More specific = fewer vendor bids

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Goals/Objectives/Strategies Goal #1: Utilize technology to self-direct student learning and promote choice while assisting students to solve real-world problems. Objectives: Staff will work at grade level team meetings and curriculum meetings to develop lesson plans that empower students to have choice in solving real-world problems and/or skill building activities. Staff will identify and define the problem solving skills necessary to solve real-world problems or skill-building activities. (Strategy 1) Staff will collaborate on ways to integrate technology, specifically developing lessons based upon self-directed learning, real world problems and/or skill building activities. (Strategy 2) Lesson plans will be designed to promote opportunities for students to apply 21st century fluencies and skills that are aligned to the standards. Create a professional culture of sharing experiences in technology integration and lesson planning. (Strategy 2) Staff will implement lessons that include an element of student choice and/or self-direction in solving problems and/or skill building activities. (Strategy 2)

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Indicators Teachers share lessons and projects that reflect the element of student choice and/or self-directed learning with colleagues at curriculum and grade level team meetings. Student projects and presentations reflect choice, real-world problems and skill building. Student presentations and projects are virtually shared and showcased for community members.

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3-Year Implementation Strategy

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2016-2017 Technology Curriculum Map

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#025-AnalyzePercentages - Revised Counts PK - 57% K - 78% 1 - 75% 2 - 54% 3 - 52% 4 - 49% 5 - 51%

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#025-AnalyzePercentages - Revised Counts PK - 57% K - 78% 1 - 75% 2 - 54% 3 - 52% 4 - 49% 5 - 51%

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#025-AnalyzePercentagesK - Comments

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County PD Day tinyurl.com/rcan2017tech

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National Geographic Maps www.nationalgeographic.org/mapmaker-kit

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National Geographic Maps www.nationalgeographic.org/mapmaker-kit

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National Geographic Maps www.nationalgeographic.org/mapmaker-kit

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This and That

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Helping Teachers and Students Collaborate with Technology - Ann Oro Search National Catholic Education Association for the App app.core-apps.com/ncea2017 rcantech.weebly.com/conferences.html

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School Admin Workflow - Improve Time and Efficiency- Bill Brannick tinyurl.com/rcanncea17-1 Google Forms for “While You Were Out” Pinning Tabs in Chrome Google “Canned Responses” to Gmails Gmail Undo Send Boomerang for Gmail Text Yourself Good Ideas Set Appointment Slots in Google Calendar Google Forms “Late to Class” Slips G Suite Training Extension Direct Save Attachment to Drive from Gmail More…

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Got STREAM? Now What? Becoming Transformative - Beth Bartolotta tinyurl.com/rcanncea17-2

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Create, Communicate, Collaborate and Critically Think: Incorporating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom - Amy Duke and Beth A Burau tinyurl.com/rcanncea17-3 Gallery Walk Through Student Presentations Drag and Drop Words IWB Actual Gallery Walk

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UpSTREAM With a Paddle: A Guide to Taking Apprehension Away from Implementing STREAM Into Your School Curriculum - Ann Marie Ryan tinyurl.com/rcanncea17-4 Trout in the Classroom Academy of St. Therese - Cresskill - RCAN

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Collaboration for Common Mission: Use of Social Media Networking to Proclaim - Abigail Greer, Nancy Caramanico, Sarah Yaklic From Audience: Public School Facebook Page with Private Class Pages

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Twitter 101 - Michelle Mueller, Christy Ambrose tinyurl.com/rcanncea17-5 Something I still want to do three years later

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Keynote - Jonathan Boyle No URL Yet So inspirational - funny Online at NCEA website in about two weeks

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Global Leadership Week tinyurl.com/rcanglobaled17 Globally Competent Learning Continuum - ASCD Global and Cultural Competency - Department of Education Mission Possible - World Federation of United Nations Associations (High Schools) Prosthetic Kids Hands Challenge Horizon Report Project Explorer Solutions Journalism Stories

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Principal and Teach Skill Surveys tinyurl.com/rcan2017tech

Summary: April/May 2017 - Graphical Behavior Charts, Curriculum Maps, and School Technology Plan Budgeting, Funding and Annual Evaluation

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