Best led track lighting ideas


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commercial led track lighting

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Color Changeable LED Track Light Kit

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Up-shine track light is popular now High CRI COB LEDs Excellent color rendering index Excellent heat dissipation 35watts led track light bulb

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As a leading led track light manufacturers high luminous flux density, less glare. Low heat resistance and stable light output. Diamond quality aluminium reflector, lattice pattern. Reflectivity up to 93%, make the light soft, uniform, no black spots. Maximize the efficiency of COB light source.

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led track light is suitable for many applications

Summary: we would like to share a popular led track lighting lkit for you, it features excellent color rendering index to increase the color fidelity of the target illuminated object.Providing excellent heat dissipation, even light output without glare & dark spot. Adjustable lighting orientation with 360 degree in horizontal direction and 180 in vertical direction. 1-circuit adapter,3-circuit adapter are all available. if you want to learn more about this LED track light, pls free feel to contact us. check here:

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