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Saraswati Dynamics Private Limited wwwsdyn.in

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History Sdyn began as an engineering company in the 1980s with utmost confidence in our capabilities to continuously introduce technologies and products that would meet the evolving expectations of the market. We soon took the challenge of developing and manufacturing Electrodynamic Vibration Systems for the emerging needs of vibration testing in the Asian sub-continent. As the journey gathered momentum, we inducted multi-disciplinary engineering talent, utilized frontier technology and materials to offer high performance systems that inscribed a mark of reliability for our global customer base.

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About us Saraswati Dynamics Private Limited (Sdyn) is the pioneer and market leader of Environmental Testing in India. We manufacture the complete range of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems and Environmental Chambers to meet the testing requirements of industries across the globe. The company has its headquarters and R&D facility in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India. In an era of technical advancements, Sdyn has realised its design and translated it into products at par with any equipment of its kind, worldwide. Our products enable our clients to create real-life environments to test and validate the quality and reliability of their products. www.sdyn.in

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Our Projects Electrodynamic Shaker Power Amplifier Vibration Controller Horizontal Slip Table Head Expander Standalone Chamber Integrated Chamber Thermal Shock Chamber Vibration Testing Equipment Vibration Testing Machine Vertical Load Support

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Electrodynamic Shaker Sdyn’s SEV and SEW series of Electrodynamic Shaker produces vibration based on the principle of magnetism. The SEV series is air cooled and SEW series is water cooled, respectively. The product portfolio covers all ranges of shaker, from 10 kgf up to 32000 kgf and beyond. An Electrodynamic Shaker has two separate coils, one is stationary and the other is dynamic. A stationary magnetic field is produced from the stationary or field coil inside the shaker body and a dynamic magnetic field is produced from the dynamic or armature coil winded on the armature. Interaction of these two magnetic fields causes the freely suspended armature to move. This principle of magnetism is based on Fleming’s Left Hand Rule. http://sdyn.in

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Power Amplifier Sdyn’s Power Amplifiers use compact and extremely efficient power modules. These help to amplify the small electrical signal from the Vibration Controller to a proportionally high voltage and high current output, that is ideal to drive the shaker. The design of the Power Amplifier ensures energy and space. DSA series Power Amplifier use solid-state power devices in a Class-D Full Bridge configuration. 

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Vibration Controller Sdyn’s Vibration Controllers are tailored in 4/8/16 channel configuration to bring users the most advanced and complete range of vibration testing solutions. Our Vibration Controllers are compatible with any make of amplifier and shaker combination available worldwide. These controllers are perfectly suitable to perform vibration testing in all segments of the industry including defence, space, automobile, seismic, field equipment and consumer electronics. Coupled with analysis and documentation tools, our Vibration Controller makes the complete vibration system user friendly and an ideal means for checking the performance and reliability of your product against hazardous vibration environment to which your product would be exposed during usage. Our Vibration Controller can drive the complete range of electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers for single axis and multi-axis control applications in single and multi-shaker configurations.

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Horizontal Slip Table The axis of a shaker’s operation is Z axis. In order to achieve vibrations in X and Y axis, a Horizontal Slip Table (HST) is used. A Horizontal Slip Table is compactly constructed using a precisely machined magnesium alloy tool-plate, which rests on top of the flat granite block. Hydraulic bearings are placed at different locations based on the design of the HST to constrain its motion in the same axis as that of the shaker. A consistent oil film is generated on the granite block and in the bearing in order to remove friction, provide dynamic support, control crosstalk and restrain overturning moments. 

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Head Expander The diameter of the shaker’s armature is limited by the rating and design of the shaker. Many times, the dimensions of the test object exceeds the working area offered by an armature. In order to increase the working area of an armature, a head expander is used. We offer a varied range of head expanders to meet various testing requirement like accommodating large test articles or multiple test objects at one time. They are manufactured by welding magnesium alloy tool plates which are also used in making the coupling for Shaker to HST. They are available for any size armature with customised hole pattern as per customer requirement.

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Vertical Load Support Some test objects are not uniform and require eccentric or overhanging loading. In X and Y axis, the Horizontal Slip Table constraints the Armature of the shaker in one direction using bearings, but in Z axis, the same is not true for the Head Expander. A Head Expander is not supported by the shaker and there is a limit to how much working area you can increase using it for a given Armature size. For these non-uniform test objects, a Vertical Load Support (VLS) is provided which is a guided Head Expander. This attachment is supported by linear or hydrostatic bearings attached to the body of the shaker. The bearings constrain the motion of the VLS to Z axis only. Air bellows are provided for further support, if required. A Vertical Load Support can be designed in a square or rectangular shape based on the customer requirement.

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Standalone Chamber A Standalone Chamber can be designed to simulate temperature and humidity conditions, individually or simultaneously in the same working volume. The working volume is kept at an adequate height to allow easy loading and unloading. A uniform airflow is maintained and its speed is set according to chamber specifications to ensure uniform temperature. Separate sensors are used to measure temperature and humidity, along with separate heaters and cooling coils.

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Integrated Chamber An Integrated Chamber can be integrated with a Vibration System for Environmental Stress Screening (ESS). It has all the performance characteristics and features of the Standalone Chamber along with a detachable base. The base can be solid for standalone operation, has a round hole for shaker (Z axis) integrated operation, or has a square hole for HST (X & Y axis) integrated operation. For 3 axis integration, the refrigeration circuit uses flexible pipe in order to allow vertical movement of the working volume. The working volume itself is mounted on guide rails and screw jack to allow smooth movement.

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Thermal Shock Chamber Thermal Shock Chamber consists of two independently controlled hot and cold zones. The Unit Under Test is transferred between these two zones to simulate rapid changes in temperature. The movement is facilitated by pneumatics, which uses standard compressed air to operate. Sdyn’s Thermal Shock Chamber has vertical movements with dual door arrangement. Hot zone is at the top and cold zone is at the bottom. The Thermal Shock Chamber can be air cooled or water cooled as per the customer’s requirements.

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Contact us Office Address Roorkee C-7, Industrial Estate, Roorkee – 247667, Uttarakhand, India

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Summary: The company has its headquarters and R&D facility in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India. In an era of technical advancements, Sdyn has realised its design and translated it into products at par with any equipment of its kind, worldwide. Our products enable our clients to create real-life environments to test and validate the quality and reliability of their products.

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