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EMERGENCY LED PANEL LIGHT 1 www.seniorled.com. Battery Backup Light DIMMABLE NO FLICKER CRI > 80 PF > 0.95 5 Saving 80% Charging Malfunction Emergency Main Power TEST E485145 4.0 Applications: Offices / Classrooms / Malls / Hotel / Lobbies / Back of house / Restaurants / Bus Stations / Medical Facility Conforming to building codes normally means high installation costs. SeniorLED’s Panel Light comes with built-in backup power and the test switch built directly into the device, so there is no need to spend money installing walled switches.

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SIGNAL INDICATOR This product should be installed by trained electricians. Forbid connecting wires when power is on,make power on after make sure that there is no phenomenon of short circuit and the correction is ok. The wall switch only controls the main power, no function on emergency lighting. Green light-main power, Red light-charging, Yellow light-malfunction; Test: test button No indicator works in emergency status. Frequently test is prohibited. Each test interval is not less than one minute. Charging Malfunction Emergency Main Power TEST D isplay status when working When the red LED flashes and the green LED lits, indicate that it is on charge. When the red LED went out and the green LED breathe, indicate that electricity is full. Non normal working state Main Power : Green LED Charged: Red LED Malfunction: Yellow LED 3 www.seniorled.com

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CHARGING/DISCHARGE 100% 24 Hours 100% 120 Mins Charging time < 24 hours Emergency lighting time ≥ 120mins 4 www.seniorled.com

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WIRE CONNECTION GND ACL SW-L NC AC-N L N GND GND ACL SW-L AC-N L N GND Dimmer LED Driver LED Driver DIM + DIM - N L _ 0-10V + Wire connection Dimmer Wire connection Connect the battery plug before wiring. 5 www.seniorled.com

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WIRE CONNECTION GND ACL SW-L NC AC-N L N GND GND ACL SW-L AC-N L N GND Dimmer LED Driver LED Driver DIM + DIM - N L _ 0-10V + Wire connection Dimmer Wire connection Connect the battery plug before wiring. 5 www.seniorled.com

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Rated input voltage(100-277V AC). Meets most safety standards for lighting. Main power built-in 3 in 1 dimming function(0-10V/10v PWM/1-100kΩ Resistance). Low ripple and noisy, Flicker Free. Main power output current can be regulated by potentionmeter. Main power protections : OCP/SCP/OVP. Built-in lithium battery as an emergency power supply energy. Emergency protections : OVP/LVP SCP/ TVP. Intelligent emergency automatic detection function. Emergency working time≥120 minutes. Product warranty: 5 years. EMERGENCY DRIVER 6 www.seniorled.com

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BATTERY The battery pack can be disassembled separately with easy replacement, preparing one or more sets as replacements to increase the service life of emergency backup panel. 7 www.seniorled.com

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PACKAGE hting 8 www.seniorled.com

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INSTALLATION www.seniorled.com. 1.Remove ceiling plaster slab Recessed into ceiling Suspending surface mounted 1.Unpack box and take out aluminum profile A-2pcs, aluminum profile B-2pcs,as well as accessory pack 4.slide panel into frame properly 8.Fix the last piece of aluminum profile with screw after panel is well placed. 2.Assembling 3 pieces aluminum profile together with screw. 3.Fix semi-finished frame onto ceiling with screw(Concrete ceiling requires plastic anchor) 1. A.Fix the anchor into target place on the ceiling. B.Fix the installation mount on the ceiling with plastic anchor. 2.Hang the panel to ceiling with Suspend installation kits 3. Adjust the length of steel wire.Connect the power supply 2. Connect power supply 3. Fix the panel light into right place 4.Stabilize the panel x2 x4 9

Summary: SeniorLED is proud to add a brand new LED product to its vast catalog of LED panel lights, bulbs, and tubes. Our newest product is emergency LED panel light which promises emergency working time of over 120 minutes and comes with product warranty of 5 years. Check out the detail product document to learn about emergency LED panel light features and other details. send an email at info@seniorled.com to inquire about the product.

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