4 Reasons Teeth Whitening Treatment Better than Home Remedies


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4 Reasons Teeth Whitening Treatment Better than Home Remedies Tooth Booth http://toothbooth.com.au Free Call – 1300 557 991

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Teeth Whitening Treatment http://toothbooth.com.au

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HOME-BASED REMEDIES Activated charcoal Strawberry paste Coconut oil Banana peel whitener Lemon mouthwash Basil leaves http://toothbooth.com.au

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So, Why aren’t We Paying Attention to Home Remedies? http://toothbooth.com.au

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Reason 1: Most home remedies don’t look nice. Here is what happens when you rub charcoal on your teeth. http://toothbooth.com.au

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Reason 2: They are  slow. Who wants to wait for a few months when you need whiter teeth for the next week’s party? http://toothbooth.com.au

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Reason 3: A third reason is a lack of evidence. We have no conclusive proof in favor of these remedies.  A lot of dentists are of the opinion that home-based remedies are only capable of fixing superficial stains and fail to have much of an effect on deeper marks. http://toothbooth.com.au

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Reason 4: A fourth reason is efficacy. You may be disappointed when your spouse fails to notice the increased brightness-by a shade or two-of your teeth. http://toothbooth.com.au

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Summary: Check out the 4 reasons why you should prefer teeth whitening treatment rather than home remedies.

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