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I’m putting this slide in all my decks at the moment.

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Set up segments for things like: logged-in users (label them when they login but also when they hit any members-only pages) Particular elements of your marketing plan (e.g. Newsletter subscribers) Guesses at demographics / user types (by behaviour, e.g. “most people new to the industry start on these pages” or “users of this tool are advanced”)

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Save time and get data you can get no other way Make it pretty for your boss / client

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Work out what’s going on quickly when you see a spike. Set custom alerts – find things out before your boss.

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Bunch of useful FF plugins

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Pull information out of GA cookies rather than tracking it through the site yourself

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Automate Prioritise (new stuff – links, indexed pages) Inbound – track events like recording how far through a video people get

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Enterprise Analytics (Google) Analytics Tips and Ideas Will Critchlow

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Will Critchlow I co-founded Distilled in 2005 We opened an office in Seattle this year I’m a geek

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“my dad beat rand fishkin”

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Segmentation Sometimes it’s OK to guess Use regular expressions 1

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Custom reporting 2 http://www.portentinteractive.com/blog/3-analytics-custom-reports.htm

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clck.it/bullet-graph Boss reports (hat-tip @digitalalex) 3

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Hack the code bit.ly/1sttouch Basic steps Include external .js file Add call to js function Start pulling out data 4

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No-one buys the first time, right?

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OK. Maybe he does.

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Useful report: visits to purchase

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Econometrics – the real answer Hands up if you know what this means. Seriously. Put your hand down. “Treat values as random variables. Estimate parameters of joint probability distributions of variables being studied”

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4 new Custom Variables 64 characters total Including variable names l = original landing page s = original landing page query string r = original referrer q = original search query

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Custom variables You might notice that there’s some tidying up to do...

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=SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(A1,"%2F","/"), "%2C", ","), "%3F", "?"), "%3A", ":"), "%40", "@"), "%26", "&"), "%3D", "="), "%2B", "+"), "%24", "$"), "%23", "#")

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Use Advanced Segments This filters out visits that had their first touch as paid search (as long as your campaign is tagged that way)

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Stuff data in internal search 5 Tip via @martijnbeijk Get 256 characters!

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Intelligence 6 Beta

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Seek change 7 http://www.searchenginejournal.com/5-handy-seo-hacks-for-google-analytics/19462/ @digitalalex: clck.it/whats-changed

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Pull in data from elsewhere* 8 * Caution: could be illegal Username Part-completed forms Lifetime value to date GA Mouse actions

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Push data to 3rd party systems 9 CRM Email mailing list GA Alerts Phone system

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API Automate Prioritise Inbound 10

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Will Critchlow I co-founded Distilled in 2005 We opened an office in Seattle this year I’m a geek

Summary: Hints, tips and tricks for using Google Analytics in an enterprise environment.

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