Interactive Presentation Adverbs J. Eduardo Pineda


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Adverbs ( on meanings) J. Eduardo Pineda

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Use When talking about meaning …. on expressions, phrases, gestures, words and among others.

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Strong Possibility Slight Possibility It Must mean It Could mean It Might/May mean It Definitely means It Possibily/ Probably means Maybe/ Perhaps it means Most Common

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Practice I will show you some words and phrases in Japanese language, use the modals and adverbs for possibility to try to guess the meaning.

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ありがとうございます  (arigatougozaimasu)

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It definitely means ありがとうございます  (arigatougozaimasu)

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助けて (tasukete)

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It means 助けて (tasukete)

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わかりません (wakarimasen)

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It means わかりません (wakarimasen)

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なに? (nani)

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It means なに? (nani)

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ごめんなさい  (gomennasai)

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It means ごめんなさい  (gomennasai)

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さようなら (sayounara)

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It means さようなら (sayounara)

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Summary chart

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Summary: Interactive Presentation Adverbs for meaningby J. Eduardo Pineda

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