Ecological Barriers: Greenest Way to Reduce Noise Pollution


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Ecological Barriers Greenest Way to reduce Noise Pollution

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Need of Ecological Barrier The increasing decibel value of noise in the environment is making the life miserable for every living being. Hearing loss and several other health problems are getting increased among people. With this growing noise pollution, several companies have come into the market with varieties of sound barriers. These barriers help in reducing the noise to make the environment pleasant to live.  If you are cautious about the environment, aesthetic, and budget, then Environmental barriers work best for you. 

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Eco Barrier   The Eco Barrier offers effective protection against noise pollution or nuisance and contributes positively to protecting the environment. These barriers blend easily into the natural environment and become more attractive as the greenery grows. Associated plant growth also helps to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

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Component of Noise Barrier     Framework trellis profiles     Outer mats     Vertical supports

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The choice of covering options include coconut fibre and green fleece fibre.

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Advantage of Eco Barrier No foundations required! No need to remove spoil from site as it can be used in the  construction of the barrier Life span 50-75 years! Product has been tested to 67dB “Highly Absorbent” on both sides  Low maintenance costs Graffiti resistant No requirement for any supplementary provisions in terms of  irrigation installations Long life durability

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Advantage of Eco Barrier EU patented Highly absorbent Excellent insulator Adds to the quality of the environment barriers with greenery and CO2 Reduction  Responsible landscaping Green and completely recyclable No expense of providing foundations thanks to their natural stability Costs savings due to the reusing of existing barriers thereby reducing transport and removal costs as well as reducing CO2 emissions Supplementary applications include for example solar panels, which are also possible options

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Gramm Barriers Eco Barriers Gramm Barrier Systems is the only noise barrier specialist in the country to give a 30-year guarantee on all acoustic fencing, acoustic barriers and noise barriers, with a 40-year guarantee on plastic systems. Barriers are designed to be maintenance-free for the full 30 years. All materials and installations are to such a high standard that the company is the only noise barrier specialist to have all works backed and insured by the government.

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Contact Us National.08442 259002 Tel.01323 872243 Fax.01323 872244 Address: Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd  18 Clinton Place, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 1NP

Summary: Ecological noise barriers that offer effective protection against noise pollution or nuisance while also contributing positively to protecting the environment. You can explore environmental noise barrier specification from following link here:

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