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We pride ourselves in using minimal ingredients to produce the purest and the best tasting VG e-liquids the UK has ever seen. Our quality ingredients all carry the usual USP, Kosher, Pharmaceutical labelling. We do not and will never use inferior ingredients therefore our e Liquids are priced to match the premium quality we are offering. Call Us On 0800 001 6182 Email us:

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Our Products Autumn Pear Southern Blackcurrant Orange Squash Pineapple Sling American Tobacco Bubble Gum Burst

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Our E-Liquid for electronic cigarettes is the end result of time, research and most importantly listening to our users. We have a delicious and unique tobacco e-liquid range of electronic cigarette flavours, hand mixed here in the Isle of Man UK with all our e cig liquid ingredients carefully sourced from Europe and the States as well as our ever so popular fruit e-liquid range too. Ichor Liquid Our e cigarette liquid range is simply the most exciting concept in the Isle of Man - UK at this point, we truly believe this is the best e-liquid the Isle of Man has to offer right now. It offers hundreds of different flavour combinations so select your own special 100% VG e juice concoction and taste the difference yourself.

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 E-Cigarette The UK offers many different electronic cigarette brands, but to be totally honest, the best e cig the Isle of Man can offer all comes down to your personal preference. Our selection covers what we feel are the best electronic cigarette the Isle of Man offers as well as what works best for our e cig liquid refill selection, but of course this maybe different for you and other vapours. E-Cigarette The Best

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Tobacco Meet our Tobacco E- liquid Range. We offer a diverse range of tobacco flavours which cover the majority of alternative variants. Our E Juice is hand made in the Isle of Man (UK), made completely to your personal order requirements. I am sure you will love our e cig liquid as much as we do.

Summary: We are the only supplier you can trust with 100% VG as we know how our e Liquids are made and what they contain.To know more you can visit our official page

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