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Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Educación Universidad Fermín Toro Escuela de Administración Sede Cabudare Participante Susan Rivera CI: 24.159.752 Materia: Ingles II Sección “A” Julio 16 del 2017 Safety Rules

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Workers should be trained on the risks present in the working environment and how to prevent or minimize undesirable effects. As these diseases: related to ergonomics, chemical gases, stress, among others. Periodically monitor the conditions, organization and working methods and the health status of workers.

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If you work with chemicals, personal hygiene should be taken care of, particularly before meals and when leaving work.. Hands should be protected when using chemicals.

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According to the work carried out by the worker: use the appropriate clothes against the cold or against the solar risk. Use protective equipment against ultraviolet radiation.

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In work with risks of head injuries use the helmet. Follow the instructions and follow the rules. Do not improvise

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