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STEP-1 250 Pocketed Spring units per shift rollout from the Spring Unit Assembly

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STEP-2 Continuity and consistency in pocket formation is closely monitored

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STEP-3 Foam encasement for a firmer edge and an increased sleep surface area

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STEP-4 The longevity of the boxed construction is ensured by using quality materials and adoption of the correct application method

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STEP-5 Each padding layer is firmly secured to the spring unit.

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STEP-6 The quilting is anchored to the Spring Unit to prevent panel shift during usage

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STEP-7 Finished mattresses are packed and transported to the Store through an automated conveyor system minimizing contact to avoid any damage or soilage during handling

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Summary: Cloud Nine is offering high-quality air mattress for back pain in Muscat. Our pocketed spring construction makes mattresses durable and unique. Get your best comfort with our Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress.

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