What To Do If You Injured In a Distracted Driving Accident


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There are a lot of distractions that can vie for our attention while behind the wheel. The cell phone can ring. We can get a text or email that may require our “immediate” attention. The kids can demand our attention or more.

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Some Important Tips to Remember to Reduce Distracted Driving Hands-Free Is Not Safe Eating and Drinking Is for Home Don’t Use the Vanity Mirror While in Motion Pay Attention to the Road, Not Passengers Driving Tired Could Kill You

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Orange County distracted driving accident attorney to help you obtain full compensation for: Past and future medical expenses Loss of earning and loss of potential earning capacity Emotional trauma Pain and suffering Any other out of pocket expenses related to the subject accident

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Summary: There are numerous distractions while we are sitting behind the wheel that may cause us to take our eyes away from the road. Some common forms of distracted driving include: Texting or checking email on a cell phone Talking on the phone Changing the radio station Reaching over to pet an animal Eating or drinking Attending to rowdy children in the backseat Applying make up

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