Immigration: Foreign Residents and Humanitarian Parole


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Immigration: Foreign Residents and Humanitarian Parole

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Humanitarian parole is a discretionary relief that allows foreign residents with an emergency situation that requires them to travel to the U. S. to gain entry into the U. S. Humanitarian parole allows those who are unable to obtain a visitor’s visa to apply to enter the U. S. based on urgent humanitarian reasons or for the good of the public as a result of the person’s admittance into the United States. This article will discuss when an individual can apply for humanitarian parole, examples of people who may apply for humanitarian parole and how to apply for such relief. It is important to note that the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services grant humanitarian parole ‘sparingly’. The focus is on admitting foreign residents who cannot otherwise qualify to receive an immigrant visa to the U. S. but who have compelling reasons for entry. It must be noted that being granted humanitarian parole allows an individual to stay in the U. S. only for the period of time that necessitates them to fulfil their humanitarian need or emergency situation. The individual cannot obtain any permanent benefits with a humanitarian parole grant. However, they may apply for a temporary work authorization if they need to work during their stay.

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Humanitarian parole is a viable option for entering the U. S. if the individual is inadmissible as a result of personal circumstances. Foreign citizens who often use the option of humanitarian parole use it as a last option to enter the U. S. An individual may qualify for humanitarian parole for a number of reasons, some examples include: The individual has a family member in the U. S. who is extremely ill and may not recover The individual has a family member in the U. S. who has passed away and he or she wishes to attend the funeral service The individual is very ill and cannot get proper medical treatment in his or her home country but the treatment is available in the United States The individual is an important witness for a trial that will be held in the United States. 

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To apply for humanitarian parole an individual will need to complete: Form I-131, Application for Travel Documents - this form is used for several different purposes related to traveling to and from the United States. Therefore, many sections are not applicable to people applying for humanitarian parole. Ensure that you review the instructions for the form before you complete it. Special attention must be paid to part 2 questions 1a through 1f. The form does not include a box to check for humanitarian parole instead it asks you about ‘advanced parole’ in question 1e which applies to humanitarian parole. If you are in the U. S applying for someone else check box 1f. Form I-134 affidavit of support The individual will also need to include a written explanation that details his or her need. Further, it is important to include evidence supporting the need for the emergency entry. It is important that your cover letter start by outlining the reasons for the request, explain the reasons why you are unable to obtain a regular visa and state when and where you applied for a visa. Include the visa refusal copy and provide evidence showing that you can pay for your entire trip and for your return home.

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Summary: It is important to note that the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services grant humanitarian parole ‘sparingly’. For more details read this document.

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