Top 10 US Universities for MS in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering


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Most Affordable US Universities for your MS! SAYA CHARMING

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List of Affordable US Universities SAYA CHARMING A lot of good universities offer excellent research options for Electrical as well as ECE. To give a simple idea these are the universities you can look forward to if you have a good profile backed with a good GRE(especially students using Online GRE preparation), TOEFL as well as persuasive Sop.

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List of Affordable US Universities Top 10 US Universities SAYA CHARMING Stanford University University of California Cornell University Princeton University Carnegie Mellon University Georgia Institute of Technology Purdue University University of Texas, Austin Northwestern University Arizona State University

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Number - 01 1. Stanford University GRE Score Required - 323 TOEFL Score Required - 103 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 02 2.University of California GRE Score Required - 322 TOEFL Score Required - 104 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 03 3. Cornell University GRE Score Required - 320+ TOEFL Score Required - 103 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 04 4. Princeton University GRE Score Required - 321+ TOEFL Score Required - 102 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 05 5. Carnegie Mellon University GRE Score Required - 320 TOEFL Score Required - 102 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 06 6. Georgia Institute of Technology GRE Score Required – 320 TOEFL Score Required - 80 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 07 7. Purdue University GRE Score Required – 317 TOEFL Score Required - 85 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 08 8. University of Texas GRE Score Required - 319 TOEFL Score Required - 79 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 09 9. Northwestern University GRE Score Required – 324 TOEFL Score Required - 79 SAYA CHARMING

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Number - 10 10. Arizona State University GRE Score Required – 312 TOEFL Score Required - 80 SAYA CHARMING

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A lot other universities can be taken into account and the most important factor these universities look for are Good Academics: One can be proactive if he is still in college. A good GPA is one where a student is in the top 5% of the crowd of the audience. Good GRE/ TOEFL: One has to be very careful on getting a good GRE score, especially if he has not much of research as well as work experience and wished to go to top universities Going for GRE Online preparation can help you get a real picture of the competition happening in global world. SAYA CHARMING

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There are a few Free GRE practice test that can also help you get started. However, these Free GRE practice test may not be sufficient if you are targting a HIGh score. Research: Important add on for people looking for top 10 universities. You get a chance to show the university how your areas of interest will help the university to grow and how the university will help you in your aim Work Experience: Very helpful if the work experience is related to the stream you are applying to. SAYA CHARMING

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One should take up as many internships, work shop, related to electrical so that is shows your overall interest in the subject. A lot of universities may also be interested in your software skills and that can also be mentioned in your resume. Make use of the best Free GRE practice test available, get a high GRE score and you’re on your way to top Universities. All the best! SAYA CHARMING

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Summary: Let's have a look at the top 10 universities offering Masters Course for the related branches!

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