Anthony Tornambe - Helping Local Economy With Farm To Table Movement


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Anthony Tornambe - Helping Local Economy With Farm- To-Table Movement Today we all complain about the quality of the food that we have, and the high prices that we have to pay for it. Well, it is abig chain that makes it possible for us to get the food that we eat. When we go to those restaurants, the menu offers so many dishes that we can choose from.We seldom care from where the restaurant gets the ingredients. We just eat our food, pay the bill and move on. However, there a few people like Anthony Tornambe who can see the things from different perspective. Anthony is a huge supporter of thefarm-to-table movement. He has a passion for cooking, and he believes that the people who produce this food should get their worth, and the food lovers should be served with some quality stuff. Farm-to- table is a direct relationship between a farm and a restaurant. Some restaurants establish adirect relationship with thefarm and buy directly from them rather than buying through a distributor. Anthony Tornambe believes that farmers should get the best worth for their hard work that they usually don’t get. Anthony always tries to encourage and support the farmers in every possible way so that they should be able to reap more profit for their goods, and enjoy knowing how their food will be treated and cooked. Well, we always talk about passionate cooks, but there are some passionate farmers out there, who want to see how their produce is being treated. Helping the localcommunity to grow AnthonyTornambe is a firm believer of the fact that farm-to-table concept really helps the local economy to grow, as the money stays within your community. To make this happen, one needs to advertise the information about the farm that grows your food. One needs to engage customers with your locally-minded concept and inspire your neighbors to support local trade. This is what Anthony stands for, as he wants to see local economy becoming stronger.

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Importance of fresh food that last longer As a food lover and a passionate cook, Anthony Tornambe understands the importance of good food. And he knows the fact that thefood purchased directly from the farm will last longer on your shelf. It is because it hasn’t spent all that extra time insome processing plant or on any truck for shipment. Your food is as fresh as it can be, as it comes straight from the ground to you. This is what a person with apassion for food will always love to have. Create a local marketing network It is important to build a business partnership between your local farmers, and restaurants or business that supports local business. It will help you to create a marketing network that encourages and withstands the local economy.One can eliminate the intermediaries, which is beneficial to both farmers as well to consumers. Anthony Tornambe believes that farm-to-table can really help the economy of the community and health of customers at the same time. There are many people who feel that they should do something for their society, but never take the initiative. It’s time to follow the footsteps of Anthony Tornambe, and do something that will be make you happy.

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