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Get Eyelash Extensions that Last Longer   Eyelash extensions are the fad nowadays. Gone are the days when women would painstakingly need to apply mascara on their eyelashes. This should not be difficult for those who are highly fond of placing mascara on their lashes. However, for those who have a hard time doing this, this can definitely be difficult. Also, those who do not have enough time on their hands would also opt to have an eyelash extension.   If you do not know where to look for eyelash extensions, just ask for recommendations from your friends, relatives and colleagues who might have a few ideas. You should also ask your friends who are very fond of make-up. They might have worked with someone who is an expert in eyelash extensions. You can also ask from the local salons to look for permanent eyelash extensions chandler. Just make sure to look for a salon that is highly reputable in the industry. Do not go for those that do not offer great services. You might end up looking someone else because of a poorly attached eyelash extension.   There are those who are not really interested in getting eyelash extensions for fear of losing them right away. Some people think that eyelash extensions will only last for a few days. On the contrary, some of the best salons offer eyelash extensions that last very long. Some extensions can even last for a month and a half. Of course, it would be best if you could come back after 2 weeks to have it retouched. However, if you really take care of your eyelash extensions, you will definitely be able to make them last a bit longer.   To help you lengthen the total timeframe of the lashes, you should ask for tips and suggestions from the salon. An eyelash extension expert should be more than willing to help you out with these things.   Experts at highly recommend that you should avoid getting too much water on the lashes. This will make the lashes easily fall. Also, it is strongly advised that you do not use oily products within the eye area. Oil will definitely remove the lashes. Therefore, if you truly want your lashes to last for several weeks, make sure to follow these basic tips.

Summary: Get Eyelash Extensions that Last Longer

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