Enjoy Lunch or Dinner with Friends at Pita Plus


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Tasty Gyros Pita Plus, a traditional family restaurant that puts Gyros that tickles the taste buds. This is Marvelous and Delicious dish.

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Delicious Shawarma Shawarma gets a lot of flavor from the Levantine meat that it is wrapped in. This is an incredibly simple and delicious recipe.

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Palatable Shish Kebab Pita Plus specializes in serving mouthwatering, flavorful, and healthy Shish Kebab. Shish Kebab is a dish consisting of small cubes of meat or fish.

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Authentic Falafel We offer you Falafel, which is a deep-fried ball of ground chickpeas seasoned with onions and spices. The Falafels are topped with salads, pickled vegetables, hot sauce.

Summary: Taste a Number of Delicious meat dishes with hummus or tahini with your family and friends. Pita Plus offers you Delicious food like a gyros, shish kebab, falafel, Shawarma at a Reasonable price in Dania Beach.

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