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A Review on Promenade Themes Newest Wordpress Theme: Blogway Plus Minimal Theme Wordpress Themes has always been a constant battle of who has the best feature and the best design. Most people opt for style rather than its functionality. Some other people also opt for more functionality that they leave out the principles of design. Here is a fact: You cannot ignore both. Functionality and design will always go hand in hand. Most especially for blog sites and e-commerce sites. So, how to achieve both? Here is an in-depth review on Promenade Themes’ Blogway Plus Wordpress Theme. About the Theme Blog Way Plus is a clean, modern and minimalistic blog theme designed for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. This theme is best use for blog, travel, informative and lifestyle coaching websites. Now that we’ve known the basic information about this theme, let’s go through its pros and cons. The main goal of this review, by the way, is to know whether it is the best fit for you. PROS Commerce at your fingertips. Blogway Plus Wordpress Theme supports Woo commerce, a platform that is built solely for entrepreneurs. Style and Font. Blog Way Plus offers a 100+ Google fonts and you can also change the layout options and header options. It has unlimited color option. You do not have to put in some codes to make your website appealing to your audience. Everything is just a click away. Responsiveness. Promenade Themes built Blogway with the highest code quality. The higher code quality of your website the more responsive it is with browsers and devices. So you wouldn’t have to worry about incompatibility issues in the future.

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Social Media Linkages. If you are a travel and lifestyle blogger, this one is easier for you. It has Instagram feeds and social link options with social media profiles. Neat, right? Quality Codes. As mentioned earlier, Blogway Plus’ codes are not just for responsiveness but they are also built to be SEO ready. Overall Judgement Blogway Plus Wordpress Theme as minimal as it is, it did not disappoint when it claimed to be minimalistic. Due to the reason of its target market, it is understandable that Promenade Themes developed it to be as easy and fast as possible. It comes in handy for those who are not too tech savy but wants a great design for their website. So is this the theme for you? Click this link to know more about the theme:

Summary: Blog Way Plus is clean, modern and minimal blog theme. This responsive theme is best to use for blog, travel, informative and life style coaches. It comes with option to change color of entire site, author profile widget, social links to connect with social networking sites and more. It supports Woo-commerce and can be used for perfect e-Commerce sites.

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