Tips for Taking a Good Passport Photo


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Tips for Taking a Good Passport Photo

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Taking a photo for any form of identification isn’t at the top of anyone’s list of fun things to do. Photos for passports are especially not fun, frustrating and even a bit complicated. Plus, most passport photos aren’t very attractive. However, these photos only have to be an accurate representation of your appearance. Getting that accurate representation will depend on several factors and implementation of the tips below.

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Wear a Solid-Coloured Shirt There can’t be any distracting patterns in passport photos, so when taking your photo, you should wear a solid-coloured t-shirt.

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A scoop-neck or v-neck shirt in a flattering tone will be your best option. For example, if your skin has gold undertones, wear a deep brown or orange shirt. If you have dark or olive skin, then try shades of blue or red. On the other hand, if you have pale skin, then jewel tones and navy will be the most flattering. However, whatever you choose, don’t wear black, white or a turtleneck.

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Use Makeup and Hair Gel Oil absorbing face powder should be used on your nose and forehead to prevent an oily appearance and glare.

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For women, adding small amounts blush, mascara and lip gloss will make their photos more attractive and polished. Additionally, if you have long hair, wear it down. If you have straight hair, brush it out to remove tangles. On the other hand, if you have curly hair, fluff out the curls with your fingers. Use hair gel to smooth down any stray hairs. This will also give your photo a more polished look.

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Review the Regulations for Passport Photos Government regulations for passport photos are a guide for how your photos should look. Photos should be in colour, 2x2 inches, have no glare or shadows and have a white background with you facing the camera directly.

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You should also have a neutral expression on your face and your head should measure 1 to 1 3/8 inches from the crown to the chin. However, if you go to a professional, you won’t have to know all these guidelines, as they will already be experts in passport photo protocol. Keep in mind that services like PhotoStop offer some of the most high-quality passport photos Sherwood Park offers.

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Tilt Your Head Correctly To take the best passport photo possible, you must stick your chin an inch out and push your shoulders down and back. If you wear prescription glasses daily, then wear them in your photo. Tilt the glasses down on your nose to prevent glare. But, ensure your eyes are still visible through your lenses.

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Additionally, stand directly in front of the camera with your shoulders down and back straight. For baby passport photos, support the baby’s head and back with a solid object or lay the baby down.

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Your lips can be slightly turned up in a small smile, but never smile broadly. The photographer will count to three – blink on one, so that you’re not blinking in your photo.

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