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Healthcare Centre in Bangalore The Family Doctor

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ABOUT US : Family Doctor in Bangalore: The Family doctor is a speciality health care clinic in Bangalore and Pune, providing best primary care clinic. Available experienced General physician and Family Physician. The Family Doctor Clinic providing comprehensive primary healthcare. Available clinical services are Family Pharma, diagnostics, health check ups packages, office, school and home healthcare and diabetes treatment.

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CLINIC SERVICES Extensive range of outpatient services with the finest professionals at your service. General Physician Obstetricians &Gynecologists Pediatricians Diabetologists Dermatologists

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Orthopedics ENT General Surgeons Physiotherapists Learn more about our clinic services, and treatments, at

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DIAGNOSTICS & HEALTH CHECK-UPS Availability of All types of lab tests Sample collection with vacutainers; more hygienic than injections All clinics equipped with centrifuge to maintain sample quality Ease of receiving lab reports through email Home sample collection available

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Most lab reports available to patients within 12 hours of the test Patient clinical and lab tests history accessible through patient portal along with trend graphs for critical tests like HbA1C, FBS, PPBS, Blood Pressure etc. All lab tests done in state of the art laboratory accredited by NABL( National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories)

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MINOR PROCEDURES ROOM Oxygen IV/ Drips Nebulisation Dressings Suturing Vaccinations

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HOME HEALTHCARE When getting to a clinic is difficult, the family doctor physicians visit you at home at your convenience. Doctor and Nurse visits on call Customized, daily/ weekly/ monthly home visits Injections, Dressings etc. at home Physiotherapy at home Home delivery of medicines& personal care products Lab sample collection done at home Caretakers and Qualified Nurses at home on customised plans

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OFFICE HEALTHCARE Doctor and Nurse visits in company premises In-office clinic with Qualified Nurses and planned Doctor visits Employee & family access to healthcare services across our clinic network Health checks and Wellness programs in company premises Health Education Talks for employees Desk delivery of medicines and personal care products Lab sample collection

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SCHOOL HEALTHCARE Medical room at school with qualified nurse Basic vitals and ENT check for children Maintenance of children’s health records Health Education Talks for children

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SPECIALITY DIABETES CLINIC Diabetes Management Packages Experienced Diabetologist/ Endocrinologist Diabetes Counsellor Nutritionist & Dietician Consultant Podiatrist Consultant Cardiologist

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Consultant Nephrologist Consultant Dentist Diabetic Foot Clinic Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic Anodyne Therapy Education Sessions

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THE FAMILY PHARMA Genuine medicines Personal care products Operational throughout the year, 8 AM- 10 PM. Special discount available on purchase of medicines Barcoded drugs prevent sale of expired medicines Free home delivery (Conditions apply)

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Contact Us : Modern Family Doctor Pvt. Ltd. 660/1, Akshaya, 4th Floor 100 Feet Road Indiranagar Bangalore 560038 Phone: 9590050000

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Summary: The Family Doctor Clinic providing comprehensive primary healthcare. Availableclinical services are Family Pharma, diagnostics, healthcheck ups packages, office, school and home healthcare and diabetes treatment.

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