Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil To Prevent Hair Fall Problem


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Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil The problem of androgenic hair fall is common in men and women. One can suffer from hair fall due to mineral or protein deficiency, chemo exposure, anemia, thyroid and low vitamins. Autoimmune disorders and fluctuation in the endocrine flow can cause hair fall in phases.

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Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil Both male and female pattern of baldness are hereditary and early hair fall happens as the body tries to meet the genetic patterns of hair structure. Hair fall due to various factors affect the follicles, which become small and produce shorter and thinner hair which are brittle and fall and eventually the follicle stop producing hair and the number of hair follicle on scalp decreases.

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Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil In women, the so called telogen phase can cause hair fall when she may lose more than 100 strands of hair in a day and this phase may remain for three months, while, this phase may be induced by stressors or medicines. Once the phase is over the hair may grow back but takes time (years) to get back to normal.

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Hylix Oil To prevent hair fall problem, to regrow hair and bring back life to dead hair follicles herbal scalp nourishing oil Hylix can be used. Phyllanthus emblica, one of the herbs in Hylix oil, has been mentioned in ayurveda for hair loss and skin care.

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Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil This is an ingredient in most herbal liver tonic, laxatives, and diuretics, stomachic, refrigerant, anti-pyretic, hair tonic, common cold cares and ulcer prevention therapies. The phyto chemicals in the berries contain alkaloids, tannins, vitamins, minerals and poly phenols.

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Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil The berries are rich in minerals, vitamins and nourishing biochemicals which have analgesic, anti androgenic, adaptogenic, nephro protective, anti mutagenic, anti inflammatory and a very high free radical scavenging properties. The vitamin C concentration of the berries is very high - up to 478.56 mg per 100 ml of the fruit juice.

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Hylix Oil The edible fruit when compared to apple has 3 times the proteins, ascorbic acid 160 times and very high concentration of minerals and amino acids, and hence it is used in the preparation of herbal scalp nourishing oil Hylix to prevent hair fall problem. The regular use of the extract of the berries on the scalp promotes hair growth and pigmentation.

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Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil The dried fruit berries of Phyllanthus paste can be added to coconut oil and applied to scalp to enhance hair growth. Its paste if applied with coconut water on head as herbal scalp nourishing oil - works as pitta pacifier and can reduce heating of tissues during summers.

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Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil It is one of the herbs if regularly taken orally or applied on skin can prevent the side effects of chemo therapy and radiations to prevent hair fall problem. It has anti proliferative activities on the body cells and enhances natural killer cells in body.

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Herbal Scalp Nourishing Oil Study on skin found the matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) caused during fibroblast reduced in skin tissues indicating anti aging effects. 5 alpha-reductase activity and certain hair growth promoting activities were observed during laboratory tests on rats where the histological tests of hair follicles were conducted.

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Summary: This power point presentation describes about herbal scalp nourishing oil to prevent hair fall problem.

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