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Stainless Steel Product Manufacturer & Suppliers

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Duraslide provides a variety of stainless steel products such as BBQ pit, flag pole, and granting. There are several BBQ venues located all approximately Singapore that allows parties to barbeque their favourite food. There are barbecue areas within the chalets and resorts across the island.

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Duraslide uses the most ideal grade of stainless steel to construct the grill for the BBQ pit that enables cleaning to be over and finished together amid easily by enabling any store of grease to be wiped off from the grill. Besides BBQ pit, Duraslide produces flag poles fabricate uphill subsequent to stainless steel material.

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Duraslide along with manufactures stainless steel a pain. Grating consists of a set of metal bars that acts as a grille. These gratings are commonly deployed as drain covers to publicize rain water to appendix through and yet prevent people from falling accidentally into the drain.

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Stainless steel flag poles are certainly much more durable and sturdy compared to flag poles that use auxiliary materials such as aluminum or wood. Duraslide is accomplished to fabricate flag poles of any length and thickness according to its customer requirements. Duraslide along with manufactures stainless steel a pain.

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Duraslide provides notice boards that are durable and relatively cheap. These notice boards are made of stainless steel which are resistant to both rusting and staining effects. As such, they require lower maintenance cost compared with other materials. Stainless steel notice boards are very elegant and give a modern look.

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Duraslide fabricates all its stainless steel gates in-house. This ensures higher quality as well as having a shorter lead time. Duraslide has an expertise in providing stainless steel gates that have high standard of workmanship. Duraslide is able to customise any gate design to suit all types of scenarios that its clients may require.

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Stainless steel is undoubtedly a valuable material which has many uses within a whole range of industries and without it we would have to use other materials which wouldn’t be as effective. Stainless steel has some quite unique benefits. It is unaffected by temperature extremes, and is resistant to corrosion.

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Duraslide manufactures high quality Stainless Steel products and also they fulfil the requirements of the customers, which is the reason why Duraslide have satisfied customers. Duraslide Pte Ltd customize, fabricate and install stainless steel products to your requirement.

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Duraslide Pte Ltd Contact Us: 162 Tagore Lane, Singapore -787571 Tel : +65 6841 2133 Fax : +65 6841 2177 Email : Web : To Order Find Out More Information On Stainless Steel Product Suppliers Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..!

Summary: Duraslide is an innovative Stainless Steel supplier in Singapore that offers full cycle of stainless steel products like BBQ Pit, Flag Pole, Grating, Handrail, Notice Board, Stainless Steel Gate with affordable cost and effective quality..

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