4 Ways To Help Prevent Cataracts


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4 Ways To Help Prevent Cataracts

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An age related eye disorder, Cataract has been the known as the number 1 cause for vision degeneration. Following points help you prevent them and improve existing conditions. Vision eye test in St Vincent

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Quit Smoking Cigarette smoking is damaging for eye health. It accelerates aging process and invites many age related disorders including Cataract. Smoking contributes to many other eye disorders. Eye care center in St Vincent

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Wear Sunglasses Like smoking sun exposure too contributes to eye’s aging process. Damage caused by sun gets worse with time. Start sun protection early on in life Best polarized sunglasses in St Vincent

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Diet For Eye Health Healthy diet treats your body from inside out. Foods to fight back cataracts: Spinach Kale Broccoli Sweet potato Papaya Brussels sprouts Fish Almonds Eye health center in St Vincent

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Regular Eye Examination Regular eye examination can spot signs of Cataracts before the symptoms occur. The sooner it is detected the better. Visit your eye care specialist at least once every 2 years Optometrist in St Vincent

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Get A Free Vision Screening At Courts Optical St. Vincent CourtsOptical.com/stvincent

Summary: Cataracts is the clouding of the eye lens and is an age related eye disorder. It is one the main reason behind blindness in senior citizens. Cataracts can be treated with a surgery but since prevention is better than cure, here are some basic points to help you keep cataracts far away. If you care facing any difficulty seeing properly, visit you eye care professional asap.

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