In What Ways McAfee Internet Security Can Be Uninstalled?


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In What Ways McAfee Internet Security Can Be Uninstalled?

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McAfee and its products do the excellent job and give your device a real & effective protection. Your computer can get affected by the viruses and any harmful threats. McAfee Internet Security protects your systems from the risks connected to the Internet but sometimes users face that it can hog system’s resources and also create unwanted slowdowns. McAfee Tech Support suggests you to uninstall this internet security if you’re facing the slow down process of your system or your data getting affected. Just follow this process given in this blog and get your issue fixed as soon as possible.

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Use these steps to uninstall on a Windows Computer:

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Step 1 Sign-in to your account: If you wish to use your license for Internet Security on another computer when uninstalling it then you have to release the license from the current computer. Your money will save this way as you won’t need to buy a license for the other PC.

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Visit the official website of McAfee to log-in to your account. Click the option “My Account” in the upper-right corner of the page. Sign in using the email address linked to your McAfee user account and password and Click the Login button. Continue…..

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Step 2 Deactivate the license: All the information about your Internet Security license including version, license term, and expiration dates is present on this My Account page.

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Go to My Account page and you will see a list of registered PCs with your account. Select the computer you want to deactivate. Click the “Details” section of which you will see the button of “Deactivate”. You will a get confirmation asking you to that are you sure about your decision to deactivate, if you are sure, hit the “Deactivate” button. Ater deactivating you can again use the license on another computer or a new computer. Continue…..

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Step 3 Access Control Panel or Settings: If you are using Windows 10 use the settings menu to uninstall McAfee Internet Security. (use Control Panel for other Windows like 8,7 or Vista).

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Continue….. Go to the Start button on your system. Click the Settings menu.Or go to control panel on your Windows 8/7.

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Step 4 Steps to Uninstall: The Uninstall wizard guide you for further process. Go to System and then click Apps & Features. Select McAfee Internet Security and click then Uninstall. Now follow whatever is prompted on screen.

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Continue….. On windows 8, Click View by and click Large icons >Programs & Features > McAfee Internet Security > click Uninstall > Follow the prompted instructions. On Windows 7 or Vista, Click Programs > Programs & Features > McAfee Internet Security > Uninstall > Follow prompts.

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For further guidance and details, you can Contact McAfee Australia +61-283206056. The team of well-trained technicians and engineers are always pleased to serve its customers with all the information required to solve their queries or problems. Our experts will guide you with ease and comfort. You can talk to our agents regarding any issue for your account. So what are you waiting for? You are just a call to resolve your problems with the expert’s advice.

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Original Source: For more information contact us or visit our website THANK YOU!

Summary: This presentation provides you uninstallation steps of McAfee internet security. So if you are intrested then watch this presentation. For more information call on McAfee Support Phone Number +61-283206056 or visit our website

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