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WELCOME TO OBS Heating and Plumbing

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ABOUT US We are passionate about customers getting plumbing services that are high quality and cost-effective, but without cutting corners. We regularly see examples of illegal work that has been done by other companies that endangers the lives of those people who are often families just like our own. We are fully accredited to work within customers homes and are fully committed to exposing the dangers of illegal gas workers.

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Living in a nice warm home with a central heating system that runs economically seems to be the most basic need that most people want nowadays. Most of our new customers come from positive recommendations from our customers who are highly satisfied with the quality of our heating engineers installations. If you/we have identified that you definitely need a new heating system (which is rare – it's often sufficient to service the heating system) then an appointment can be made at your convenience. We will survey your current central heating installation (if you have one), discuss your requirements with you, and will provide a quotation for the solution that matches your needs and budget.

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When you don't need boiler repairs, boiler installations, central heating repairs or heating installations then your need for a plumber may be for more general plumbing services. Our plumbers are all Gas Safe accredited which gives you the reassurance that the work will be done properly and the type of work you may need doing could include: Assessing your plumbing needs In the first instance we encourage you to contact us to describe what you need and the urgency of your problem. If an emergency we can usually be with you within an hour and will advise you of action you can take to limit the problem while you wait for us to arrive (for example, switching off the water supply).

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GENERAL BUILDERS & HOME DECORATORS - MIDDLESEX, WEST LONDON Omniscient Building Services is a company that provides a full range of building and decorating services to customers throughout West London, Ealing, Hanwell, Harrow, Kingston, Wembley and Middlesex. While many of our customers are happy with our plumbing-related work, we often find that customers need more work doing and we have the skills and expertise to exceed expectations. In our experience, customers don't really want to have several separate trades people in their homes and we find that our 'all under one roof' solution appeals to many.

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enquiries@obslimited.co.uk http://obslimited.co.uk/ Church Road Southall London UB2 4NU 08008606291 079305 72076 CONTACT US

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THANK YOU OBS Heating and Plumbing

Summary: Omniscient Building Services are based in Southall, Middlesex, and work for customers throughout Middlesex, West London, Ealing, Hanwell, Harrow, Kingston and Wembley

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