3 Simple Step of Setting up a basketball Hoop


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allbasketballhoop (9 months ago)

@saramyler it's for portable basketball hoop.

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is it for all hoops or portable hoops? best basketball hoops

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3 Simple Steps of Setting Up A Basketball Hoop 1-Pole Assembling: Pole Comes in 3 Pieces. Hold One Of The Piece Vertically And Fix The Second Piece on it. Give It A Jerk. Now Fix The Third Piece Above The Second And Give The It A Jerk Too. Fix The Screws In Their Appropriate Places. Pole to base fixation Place The Two Rods in The Bottom of the Portable Basketball Hoop Pole Horizontally. Attach The Axial Wheels To The Rods And TIght it With Screw. Now Fix The Axial Wheels Within The Base. Move It Until the Rods Fixes In Their Proper Position In The Base. Now Attach The 4 Strings Between Base And Pole With The Help Of Screws. Backboard to pole fixation Place an extension arm piece against one mounting bracket and secure with a screw. Repeat this with the other mounting bracket and extension arm piece. Secure the dunk latch within the outer guard area and align the holes at the ends of each Now Fix The Dunk Latch, Outer Guard And Extension Arms Together. Raise the dunk latch and outer guard so the holes in these line up with the holes in the upper extension arms. Place the fully assembled rim and backboard assembly close to the completed pole assembly. Secure the extension arms to the pole assembly by placing one long screw through the top right extension arm, pole and top left extension arm https://allbasketballhoop.com

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