Glass backsplash paint


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Glass backsplash paint

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Glass Backsplash Paint – GlassPrimerTM Features and Use There are many glass paints in the market. But none can match the GlassPrimerTM. It is one of the most reliable glass backsplash paint that offers amazing longevity. Glass panes are not limited to windows but are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. These are the places where glass faces exposure to heat and moisture.

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Why GlassPrimerTM is better than other glass paints? This section will take you through the features of this glass backsplash paint. Its active glass surface molecular modifying nanotechnology creates a permanent paint/glass bond. It is the only glass paint that excelled among other products in a global sample comparison test. This glass paint mixes to match any color – Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and others. Application is easy. Spray it or roll it on any form of glass. It ensures permanent adhesion results. It passed the weather reliability test with flying colors. This makes it the most preferred paint for glass. Project an amazing finish and comes with a 10 year limited warranty! Complete Package, Glassprimer™ Component “A/B” GPPP083®/GPUC083® (Self-Priming Glass Paint/Catalyst) $265.00

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How to use the GlassPrimerTM Using this glass backsplash paint involves 3 simple steps. Both individuals as well as glass manufactures can follow these steps. There are three products that you need to be ready with.

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GlassPrimerTM at Here are Glass Paint, we offer you all the resources you will need. With free shipping and affordable prices, we have excelled in the market regardless of any specific industry. You can make your own colors with us and avail all necessary instructions from our experts. With ready to serve technology, this glass backsplash paint is not only used in residential places, but also in the automotive as well as the aerospace industry.

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Summary: You want to add a glass back splash to your kitchen or bathroom, but you want to paint it to match your décor. Ordinary paint won't take you far. It won't adhere to glass, and it will never cure. Once you expose it to humidity, the paint will peel. For a project like this, you want a glass backsplash paint that will bond permanently to glass, and stand up to the heat and humidity in your kitchen or bath. For more information about Glassprimer™ glass paint, visit us at

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