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Advantages of Window Tinting

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Advantages of Tinting Your Window

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Types Of Window Tinting Film

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Dyed Window Tint Film

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Metalized Film

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Carbon Window Tint Film

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Ceramic Film

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Summary: Advantages of Window Tinting • Window tinting is an effective way to avoid harmful radiations from the sun. • Tinting your window prevents sun burns, skin cancer and other similar infections. • Film tints can be applied on all types of glass panel windows, they are mostly applied on, car windshields and toughened glass on skyscrapers. • Some tinting films are designed to reflect harmful UV or Infrared radiations. Advantages of tinting your window • In hot weather conditions tinted windows cut down heat within the vehicle or home. • They help increase the efficiency of air conditioners and provide effective heat dissipation. • In cold weather conditions some films are designed to reflect interior heat inwards providing a warm atmosphere. • Tinted windows help protect home and car upholstery from fading due to excess heat. • They reduce glare and provide privacy to the users. • They are cost effective, shatter proof and easy to install Types of window tinting film Window tinting films are designed in different ways to suit different situations. Dyed Window Tint Film • This film comprises of a dye which is in a layer next to the film, this adds color to the glass. • This dye blocks sunlight by absorbing the rays. • Dyed window tinting film is the cheapest in the market. Metalized film • Metalized film is made up of small metallic particles which are embedded within the film. • These metallic particles block sunlight by reflecting it rather than absorbing it. • Metalized tinting films create a shiny appearance on the glass. Carbon Window Tint Film • Carbon tinting films come in dark and matte finish. • They are highly effective in block infrared and UV radiations. Visit to get Window Tinting Services in UAE i.e. at

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