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GIFTS FOR PET LOVERS The right birthday gift can be hard to find, especially for the person who has everything. If the birthday person loves dog, rather than buy a generic gift, get them something special to commemorate their special relationship with their precious pet. Dog lovers often enjoy receiving canine themed gifts that recognize and honor the bond they have with their four-legged friend.  There are many trending and popular gift ideas available to suit every dog lover.

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BEST DOG GIFTS Home made foods are healthier and more cost effective than processed, pussycat foods. They not only taste better, but are much better for the kitty than traditional store-bought products. At Top Pet Gifts, we have cookie cutters and other cat themed essentials to help the family feline stay healthy and happy. While parents and kids are anxiously preparing for the new school year, one family member might be finding this time of year a little more difficult to get used to. After a summer of free playtime, endless household activity, and more family time, the household pooches will have to get used to a drastic change in their daily schedule.

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DOG DECALS It can be very stressful and traumatic for some canines to adjust to the different daytime routine. But pet owners can help their beloved furry friend adjust more easily to a new agenda and more alone time. These tips will help the four-legged family member transition to the school hours. Dogs are creatures of habit. They feel more secure when they have a consistent routine. To help get used to this unavoidable change, start the back-to-school schedule a few weeks before the kids return to their classes. It will give everyone in the household time to get used to the earlier morning wake-ups and bedtime routines. Professional dog walkers can help break the loneliness of a long day alone while providing excellent exercise and stimulation for the canine as well.

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DOG BIRTHDAY GIFTS Book Days at Doggie Daycare When the children can go back to school, give the pooch a special treat too by booking one or two days each week at the local doggie daycare. These specialized facilities let the family pet play with other dogs so they can have fun hanging with other people and pets. Dog care facilities are a great place to help break the boredom of being home alone all week. Adding the human scent to the dog’s toys, bones, or blanket will help comfort them when the home members are out for the day. The smell will help the doggie get through the alone time during the day because they feel calmer when they recognize their person’s odor.


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