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Noise Surveys

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At NOVA Acoustics Ltd we provide acoustic surveys that are bespoke for your needs.

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Our team of highly trained acoustic consultants have experience in a wide range of projects and are eager to help.

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Through our network of engineers we are able to provide highly competitive pricing and an unrivaled quality of service.

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We understand the challenges involved with gaining planning permission and we aim to help you achieve this with the minimum of stress.

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Noise surveys are required to ensure that you protect the amenity of the occupants in your proposed development.

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If your development is close to a source of noise (such as industrial activities, transport routes or entertainment premises), we can provide a noise assessment to support your planning application.

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We provide a robust and detailed analysis to ensure you discharge your planning conditions first time around.

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Contact us today to speak to discuss your needs:

Summary: NOVA Acoustics Ltd provides nationwide acoustic consultancy surveys including noise surveys for residential developments and noise impact assessments of industrial and commercial developments.

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