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Ground Support Equipment Air+MAK Industries Inc Phone: +1 662 893 3444 Email: #1 Aircraft GSE Manufacturers in USA

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About Us: Air+MAK Industries Inc was established in 1997 as part of MAK group to specialize in manufacturing Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE). We provide GSE support services to a global scale to cater the American, Middle Eastern and European markets. We are one of the leading manufacturers of reliable, safe, cost effective, state of the art technology based/digital Ground Support Equipment on various Aircraft Ground Handling requirements for both civil and military aviation. We build our complete aviation GSE range that cater to commercial airlines, FBOs and numerous non-scheduled operators. Trusted GSE Brand for More than 4 Decades in 36+ Countries..

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GSE Products:

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Ground Power Unit: A Ground Power Unit (GPU) is a ground support equipment that supplies power to aircraft parked on the ground. We manufacture GPU’s for aircrafts that require 200V/115V 400Hz AC and/or 28.5V DC of Towable Trailer mounted, Skid mounted and Self propelled systems. The popular product variants are 40 kVA, 60 kVA, 90 kVA, 140 kVA, 180 kVA GPU and many more.

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Air Start Unit: Air Start Unit (ASU) is a ground support equipment equipped with pneumatic starter is used to start aircraft engines. It supplies necessary quantity of air at specified pressure through one/two or three hoses attached to the aircraft’s under belly. The popular product variants are 100 PPM, 120 PPM, 180 PPM, 250 PPM, 400 PPM ASU and many more.

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Air Conditioning Unit: Air Conditioning Unit for Aircraft (ACU) is a ground support equipment supplies cold air or hot air into a parked aircraft. We manufacture ACU’s of Towable Trailer mounted, Skid mounted and Self propelled systems. The popular product variants are 5TR, 30TR, 60TR, 70TR, 120TR, 140TR, 150TR ACU and many more.

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Apron Tractor: Apron Tractor is an essential part of ground support equipment and serve multiple purposes. It used to tow ground support equipment, baggage carts and any other equipment. MAK AT20 is the popular product variant of Apron tractor.

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Solid State Ground Power Unit / Static Frequency Converter: Air+MAK’s Solid State Ground Power Unit SGPUs, are now part of our standard Ground support Equipment and is the safest and most reliable solution for aircraft power supply requirements. We manufacture SGPu’s of fixed, trailer mounted & Jet bridge mounted systems. The product variants ranging from 40kW to 144kW and many more.

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Load Bank: Air+MAK’s Load Bank AC model ranges from 48kW to 144kW 400Hz AC and Load Bank DC model ranges from 300A to 2500A 28.5V DC digital with USB. Our Load banks come with latest digital communication via USB and are portable and come in a hardened shipping trolley that can be taken everywhere.

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Defense Qualified Projects:

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Remote Diagnostic & Monitoring System: Air MAK offer Remote Diagnostic & Monitoring System. It provide complete operational history and recommended periodic maintenance schedules. Snapshot broadcast – Monitor immediate operational behavior before, during and after any fault. Our GSE fleet management system provide real time data & it enhance the productivity.

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Summary: Air+MAK Industries Inc is one of the leading aircraft ground support equipment manufacturers in the United States. We provide GSE support services to a global scale to cater the american, middle eastern and european markets. Find here to know more.

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