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About Us iZOOlogic is an internet company dedicated to providing niche brand protection and phishing solutions. The iZOOlogic platform is an integrated suite of solutions allowing real time intelligence into the online threat landscape and provides a seamless 24x7x365 Global Incident Response. iZOOlogic is headquartered in the UK, with operations in US and Australia, protecting major brands and organisations across the world.

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Massive Breach On Online Credentials Blackmail – using a legitimate stolen credentials, the criminal can pretend to be the real user of the account and sends an email to ask for “ransom” whether it be monetary or non-monetary.. Phishing- stolen corporate/business credentials would make it easier for criminals to phish and get more credentials than ever. How? Just take a look at this screenshot!

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Phishing Threats Phishing is a leading source of brand abuse and online fraud. Phishing continues to be the mainstay of the cybercrime ecosystem with techniques becoming more sophisticated, volumes increasing and more brands targeted. Phishing may employ a variety of methods to attack multiple eChannels in a blended threat against the organisation.

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Malware Threats Malware is constantly evolving and is the leading cause of electronic fraud losses across the globe. Trusted brands are often hijacked to distribute and deliver generic crimeware. Organisations need to adopt layered anti-fraud controls to combat sophisticated malware. Counter measures should also include a monitoring regime to provide intelligence and identify schemes where corporate branding is used in malicious manner.

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Summary: Here's iZOOlogic comes up with another awareness about malware threat which is necessary to know if you are a business owner of small, large or any scale and you are serious about brand protection and making online reputation strong. Read More:

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