Our India IVF Experience with Dr. Nayna Patel at Akanksha Clinic


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Our India IVF Experience  Our personal experiences in our travels to Dr. Nayna Patel’s Akanksha Clinic in Anand India. Our experiences with the Dr. and clinic process, sample surrogate contract, sample surrogate profile, donor egg information, lodging, transportation, costs, IVF protocol of which drugs we were given, immigration and more…… www.ourindiaivf.com IVF & Surrogacy in India This 40 page booklet contains a wealth of information from personal experience that you will not find anywhere else on the internet or in chat rooms based on our personal experiences with IVF in India.  My wife and I live in Atlanta, GA and traveled to India during 2008 to Akanksha Infertility Clinic for surrogacy with Dr. Nayna Patel. The booklet starts with our initial conversations with Dr. Patel while still in the U.S. and interviews with others before our trip. It contains our personal diary from when we arrived in India with a day by day account of the process, our personal experience, the questions we asked and the answers we received. Included is our drug protocol of which drugs were taken during the process at the clinic, a sample surrogacy agreement that you will have to sign, a sample donor profile for those using egg donors and a sample surrogacy profile of a surrogate so you can see what type of information is provided on the surrogate. We've also included a map of Anand that includes points of interest. There is a section on things to do in Anand where we also discuss the different hotel options, restaurants, shopping and getting around in Anand. Questions regarding the immigration process are addressed, total costs and success rates. The booklet is packed with information of what to expect that we did not have access to before our attempts. We took the time to document everything into this one convenient booklet to help raise money to cover our own IVF and surrogacy attempts and loans. We met several others at the clinic and have information included from their experiences as well.  www.ourindiaivf.com

Summary: My wife and I have been through IVF/Surrogacy treatment in India and share our experiences. We have put together a booklet of rothers that maybe considering traveling to India for IVF / Surrogacy. See our webiste www.ourindiaivf.com for more info

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