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SyndBuddy review - What Is SyndBuddy? If you are reading my review, you might be making a great effort to get the rankings, traffic to your sites, sales and leads. Clearly, it is a real desire but you know that to work it out is not a simple thing, and there are such a lot of online business owners have failed to pull it off. The thing is that if you possess the most beautiful site in all the internet, it is good but not enough. Websites and videos without traffic mean nothing because there is no social interaction as well as no one seeing them. Just for this reason, you cannot get free, targeted traffic from Google, not to mention pulling customers’ credit cards to buy your items. So what is the solution? Keep reading, and they will show you a brand new product that can help you solve all of these. Introducing: SyndBuddy SyndBuddy is a new social web-app which enables you to get a real social share, bookmarks, social signals and video review as well as show you how to get your sites and videos ranked on the first page of Google. Thanks to this product, you can quickly turn the rankings into real profit. How Does Product SyndBuddy? Special Features of SyndBuddy:

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By leveraging SyndBuddy’s tons of real people ready to like, share and bookmark your content all over the web, you can easily rank your content on page 1 fast. Moreover, when obtaining this powerful system, you can have a chance to get access some beneficial features of this: World Class Customer Support: they have a support team dedicated to answering your questions and helping you use SyndBuddy to its fullest potential. Just e-mail at any time and you’ll get a fast, thoughtful response dedicated to you. Full Reporting of Your Campaigns Not only will you be able to get a ton of shares, likes, bookmarks and syndication, they've also built-in a very powerful reporting system. Therefore, you'll be able to see exactly the kind of social signals you're getting and for social shares, you'll be able to see exact URL's of where your content is being posted. Automatic credit-based system: the producer has built SyndBuddy on a powerful, credit-based system. This allows you to get real views from real people – which is the key to ranking on YouTube and Google. When you get real views from different locations around the world and from various IP addresses, Google takes notice, and your rankings increase instantly. Real Google +1s: because +1s are essential to get organic traffic from Google and YouTube, they’ve built this right into SyndBuddy’s platform. This gives you the ability to legally use Google’s own social network against them to claim all the page 1 rankings you’d like. Real Twitter Tweets: sharing is key to ranking and organic growth. And we’ve all heard about the POWER of Twitter when it comes to getting social syndication and backlinks. Now you can get tons of real Tweets from an army of people, which will affect your social presence immediately

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Real Web 2.0 Syndication: You’ll also be able to get an army of people posting your content and linking to your sites from all the top Web 2.0 sites like, Tumblr, Joomla, Instapaper, Blogger, etc. It’s like having access to a powerful Web 2.0 private blog network. Real Video Views: this product also comes built-in with some powerful video boosting features. You’ll be able to get real views to your videos from people all over the world, logged in to multiple different accounts, all on different IP addresses. You’ll have a lot of people just waiting to watch your videos and give them the boost they need. Real Facebook “Likes” and Shares: most people do not know about the social algorithm of Google. It places a lot of weight on social media shares when it comes to rankings. When getting hundreds of these shares quickly, you’ll get hordes of views with more ease than you ever imagined. Real Social Bookmarks: Social Bookmarks is one of the most powerful types of syndication you can employ in your rankings campaigns. Bookmarking your site on your own account is already powerful enough. But when you have an army of people bookmarking your URL’s on their accounts as well, that just puts your campaigns on Steroids. You’ll be getting bookmarks from Authority sites like Diigo, Medium, KiwiBox, Plurk, SkyRock and much more. Universal Access: With SyndBuddy’s web-based portal, you don’t need to download anything, and you don’t need any special equipment. Just login on any Internet device with your user ID and prepare for your websites and videos to get massive social interaction and shares.

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Step By Step Training: Get full training on how to use SyndBuddy’s simple dashboard – even an 8-year-old can run it. Training comes in step-by-step video form. How It Works: When accessing this product, you’ll get an army of people syndicating your content in just 3 easy steps: Step #1: Login to SyndBuddy. Step #2: Decide what kind of social interaction you want for your content. (Tip: It’s best to mix up real views, shares, and bookmarks) Step #3: Click “Go” and the social interactions you need will quickly start coming your way. This is a web-based app, so as long as you have a web browser and internet connection, you can use SyndBuddy regardless of your type of computer. Why Should You Get SyndBuddy Now? With SyndBuddy, you will get real views, social shares, and social signals to your sites and videos almost immediately. Also, you can also rank your sites and videos at the top of Google with ease. Furthermore, SyndBuddy works on a credit-based system. That means you either purchase or earn credits by watching, sharing, bookmarking and liking other people’s content. And you can also use your credits to get your own views, shares, bookmarks, and likes from real people. This is – bar none – the best way to drive the type of traffic you ultimately want to your websites and videos. Because there are no shady “paid views” or shady “backlinking techniques” or any other “blackhat strategies” that either fail miserably or get your video or websites stripped off of YouTube/Google. This is a system based on real people syndicating and socially interacting with each other’s content, which is 100% natural. Hence, there is no need to beg your friends as well as your family to go share, watch and like your content. More importantly, you will not waste time creating a video or website which never gets seen. Exclusive Bonuses From SyndBuddy That is not everything you can get along with this product, the producer will offer you some more powerful bonuses:

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Bonus #1: Live QnA Training Session There is no doubt that one of the hardest things people struggle with when getting started with new software is a “quick start” guide. Even though they have in depth tutorials inside the member's area, they want to give you an open platform where you can get your questions answered. Bonus #2: 15 Niches PDF

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How about they do the research for you? In this bonus you’ll be getting 15 DFY niches that you can start targeting today, to start getting results ASAP with SyndBuddy. These are all high-quality niches with products that are blazing hot right now. Bonus #3: $400k Per Month Strategy Call Replay

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This is one of the most powerful strategy calls they’ve ever done. They jumped on a call with a good friend of mine who’s crushing it with his business right now, to the tune of $400k per month. Bonus #4: Zamurai Video Bootcamp This is a great 4-week boot camp that they held with a small group of people where they showed them exactly how to rank videos on page 1 of Google fast. Conclusion All in all, I do hope that you can gain more understanding about SyndBuddy and make a sound decision. In case you have any further questions or need some more help, please feel free to contact me. Finally, thanks a lot for reading my review. Tags: SyndBuddy , SyndBuddy review, SyndBuddy review and bonus, SyndBuddy reviews, SyndBuddy reviews and bonuses, SyndBuddy discount, SyndBuddy bonus, SyndBuddy bonuses, SyndBuddy review and discount, SyndBuddy review in detail, SyndBuddy ultimate review, SyndBuddy demo, SyndBuddy demo review, SyndBuddy huge discount, SyndBuddy discount coupon, SyndBuddy download, Get SyndBuddy , SyndBuddy

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