Handbook of Research on Environmental Taxation (Elgar Original Reference)


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Pub Date: 2014-12-26 | ISBN-10 : 1784717592 | ISBN-13 : 9781784717599 | Author : Janet E. Milne | Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd The Handbook of Research on Environmental Taxation captures the state of the art of research on environmental taxation. Written by 36 specialists in environmental taxation from 16 countries, it takes an interdisciplinary and international approach, focusing on issues that are universal to using taxation to achieve environmental goals. The Handbook explores the conceptual foundations of environmental taxation, essential elements for designing environmental tax measures, factors that influence the acceptance of environmental taxation, the variety of ways to implement environmental taxes, their environmental and economic impact and, finally, the larger question of the role of taxation among other policy approaches to environmental protection. Intermixing theory with case studies, the Handbook offers readers lessons that can be applied around the world. It identifies key bodies of research for people who are already working in the field or entering the field and highlights issues that call for more research in the future. With systematic analysis of key issues in environmental taxation, this book will appeal to researchers, governments, think tanks, NGOs, and academics in law, economics, political science and public finance, as well as students specializing in environmental taxation and other market-based instruments. Type The Book Title On Search Form at http://pdfalot.com/free

Summary: Handbook of Research on Environmental Taxation (Elgar Original Reference)

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