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About us:- GHFM is a licensed provider of alcohol and substance abuse services by DASA (Drug Alcohol and Substance Abuse division of the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS)). We are licensed to provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Our mission is to reduce the impact of substance misuse on individuals and families and help restore lives using evidence based quality care. We provide this care in a discrete and confidential setting using a knowledgeable, professional and compassionate staff. We believe that respect is mutual and every human being deserves to be treated with dignity irrespective of individual circumstances or current situations. The GHFM drug treatment program was accredited by CARF in June 2015 for 3 years. We provide a clean office, hot beverages and water as a courtesy to our patients. Great Heights Family Medicine

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Great Heights Family Medicine DRUG TREATMENT:- The inspiration for the GHFM Opioid Treatment Program came from Dr Fatoki’s experience as a jail physician. Dr Fatoki noticed that a significant number of the patients he encountered in the various jails he visits were incarcerated because of issues related to addiction. The scourge and devastation of prescription opioids on the lives and families of these patients was apparent.  This jail experience formed the foundation of our drug treatment program. The program was designed to educate and encourage treatment of opioid addiction while minimizing any associated stigma. The program is in an office type setting in a suburban mall with other professional businesses include accountants, insurance agencies, physicians, attorneys and dentists. Great Heights Family Medicine is fully committed to providing access to the treatment of addiction and to restore lives to families and communities that have been devastated by the disease of addiction. .

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Great Heights Family Medicine Contact Us:- Address:- Calumet City Clinic:- 1473 Ring Rd, CalMuet City, IL 60409, USA Phone: 708.862.8156 Ottawa Clinic:- 315 E Mckinley Road, Ottawa, IL 61350, USA Phone No: 815.434.0228 Fax: 815.434.0148 Website : http://great-heights.com Email Id: yfatoki@great-heights.com

Summary: Great height is Drug Treatment Clinic in Ottawa City. we provide drug treatment and Weight Loss Programs with affordable price. Diet treatment is necessary so as to adjust the diet as per the needs of the body. With certain foods, it is possible to produce some effect which acts as the crucial remedy to cure diseases. Diet also depends on the body type. As we all know, that every individual is different and so is their body type. Therefore, while you are opting for a specific diet, make sure you get your diet chart checked by health experts. Proper diet helps in increasing immunity and keeping the body fit.

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