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VNX Solutions Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers E20-885 Exam https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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Exam Nubmer E20-885 Duration 90 Minutes Number Of Questions 60 Questions Pass Score: 60 VNX Solutions Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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Overview This exam is a qualifying exam for the Implementation Engineer, VNX Solutions Expert (EMCIEe) certification. This exam focuses on VNX Unified storage performance considerations and practices, as well as common Block and File based replication technologies implemented in VNX environments (e.g. RecoverPoint/SE, VNX Replicator). EMC provides free practice tests to assess your knowledge in preparation for the exam. Practice tests allow you to become familiar with the topics and question types you will find on the proctored exam. Your results on a practice test offer one indication of how prepared you are for the proctored exam and can highlight topics on which you need to study and train further. https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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Question No 1 Sample Questions You implement FAST VP on an existing EMC VNX. The Extreme Performance pool holds 5% of usable storage, the Performance pool holds 20%, and the Capacity pool holds 75%. The Tiering Policy is set to Auto. The attached hosts run several applications. Some applications access data frequently, while others are write-once read-never. Twenty minutes after tiering is started, the customer reports there is no performance improvement. How should you respond? Options A. Data relocation involves a warm-up period – the performance benefit is seen over the long term. B. The Performance pool is too large for effective data relocation. C. The warm-up period for FAST VP is determined by the size of the Capacity pool. D. Three-level tiering is not supported in FAST VP. Answer: A https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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Question No 2 A shipping company tracks shipments and customer data using an Oracle 10g environment with ASM. There are several EMC VNX LUNs presented to Oracle. What ASM feature will help avoid hotpots? Options A. Spreads each file evenly across all disks within the disk group B. Automatically provisions storage pools for a VNX array C. Maintains database changes until it is written out to the redo log files on the disk D. A set memory structure and a number of system processes Answer: https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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Question No 3 A financial company plans to implement an EMC VNX for several application servers. The application servers run high performance data mining processes for large databases and reporting. The customer requires a storage configuration that balances performance and cost. Which disk RAID type will best meet the customer requirements? Options A. RAID 5 B. RAID 1/0 C. RAID 3 D. RAID 6 Answer: A https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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Question No 4 Which RPA test provides a quick and easy way to determine if the required TCP ports for RecoverPoint are blocked? Options A. Run the Port Diagnostics test as the boxmgmt user B. Open Unisphere for RecoverPoint using the site management address C. Run the Port Diagnostics test as the admin user D. Log in to an RPA using SSH as the admin user Answer: A https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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Question No 5 A customer is implementing an Oracle database on an EMC VNX. Due to cost constraints, the customer cannot dedicate physical disks for the redo logs. How can the disks be laid out to reduce the probability of hitting the VNX write pending limit? Options A. Use a striped metavolume B. Use concatenated disks C. Use a large RAID 5 LUN D. Use a large RAID 1/0 LUN Answer: A https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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Complete PDF Download From Realexamdumps.us VNX Solutions Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers E20-885 Exam https://www.realexamdumps.us/emc/e20-885-braindumps.html

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