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A Syllabus Worth Reading Tona Hangen, Worcester State University Stonehill College Center for Teaching and Learning Academic Development Day October 10, 2017

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A syllabus is….

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A syllabus is…. A contract Rules, Road Map Expectations, Responsibilities Contingencies, Policies A permanent record A learning tool A thing of beauty & expression of your pedagogy

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What Does Your Syllabus Say About You? “No nonsense” “Rigorous” “Boring” “Engaging” “Welcoming” “Student-centered”

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“Traditional Format” “But we’ve always done it this way” Problems / Issues Bloat New Contexts… New Opportunities?

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Today’s Workshop Support Session Course Design Syllabus Design Alternative Formats More at:

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Course Design Format Level How much freedom you have to be creative

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Backwards Course Design Not “What will I cover?” But “What will they learn?” Outcomes (~5) Clear Aligned Appropriate verbs for level and purpose Achievable / Measurable Wiggins and McTighe, Understanding by Design

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Course Design: Concept Mapping

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Course Design: Planning Matrix

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Course Design: Planning Matrix

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Course Design: Planning Matrix Start here; What do you want to teach? Or here; what do you want students to learn?

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FYS Planning Matrix Checklist / Criteria Active verbs Learning Statement (object of the verb) Criterion of success / suggests a measurable assessment Addresses student competency NOT content coverage These are COURSE-level not lesson/chapter/unit level Leave yourself out (there is no “I” in outcome)

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FYS Planning Matrix Examples: Factual Conceptual Procedural Psychomotor Attitudinal Metacognitive Vary these

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FYS Planning Matrix Apply Create Understand Evaluate Remember Analyze Vary; build an organic progression

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Course Design What the Course Does What You’ll Do What Students Will Do ++ Learning-Centered Models

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Syllabus Design College Map Guidebook Museum Brochure Useful Metaphors

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Syllabus Design Reducing Bloat Engaging the learner

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Which would you rather read?

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Syllabus Design Displaying and Sharing Flipsnack To Quiz or Not to Quiz What to do on Day 1

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Alternative Formats Poster, Infographic (Piktochart) Brochure Menu Resume Padlet Blog / Webpage LMS Folders

Summary: "A Syllabus Worth Reading," by Tona Hangen, Worcester State University, 10 October 2017 at Stonehill College

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