Paper Feed Issues In 123 HP DJ 3630 


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123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues Most HP printers face 123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues which though can be fixed in several ways. The Printer will automatically stop feeding pages and printing when these errors happen. A blue blinking light alert with an E4 message will appear on the Printer control panel. How to resolve 123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues These issues often happen when there is a jammed paper. Jammed paper has to be identified first from your printer ( You have to search inside the printer as well. Click Cancel Printing option when the printer passes printing process and just check if paper jam got cleared.

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How to clear the Paper Jam manually Jammed paper should be removed from the output tray gently with both your hands to avoid tearing of papers.

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You can make use of a flashlight to check if paper bits are still inside. When the step is completed, resume button is pressed to continue printing. Ink cartridges have to be moved across width of your printer. Please wait till carriage come to center. Therefore printer resetting becomes the most convenient option for fixing 123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues. Reconnect printer again after unplugging it from the power cord and check if the error repeats.

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Check the Position of Cartridges In case if the carriage sticks inside the printer, you have to move the carriage to left side if stuck on right and if stuck in middle can be moved to right. When the cartridge is inserted in the exact position, cartridge door has to be closed to for your documents to get printed. Now you can proceed with the process of printing your documents with the printer.

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Just follow these simple procedures to resolve 123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues. For more queries and details please get in touch with our 24x7 toll free number at +1-855-716-3550 or chat with us at

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