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ISS is nonprofit leader in global school management, international teacher recruitment and overseas education services and are committed to creating and supporting world-class schools across the globe.

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ABOUT US As globalization accelerates, the world’s challenges are becoming more complex. International schools sit at the crux of enormous opportunity and often serve as dynamic and vibrant beacons of light in their communities. They foster global perspectives, exemplify cross-cultural collaboration, and leverage the power of cultural diversity to prepare students to become global contributors. International Schools Services is the catalyst that helps unlock the power of international schools.

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School Services: Your Success is Our Mission From our launch at a pivotal moment in history and powerful guiding mission, ISS has gone on to establish, and then continuously adapt and deliver best practices in international education to schools around the world.  With our significant experience and deep expertise, we are uniquely capable of providing a full range of services to international schools that support them effectively delivering outstanding, 21st Century learning to their students.

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MANAGE A SCHOOL For more than 60 years, companies, organizations and individuals around the world have trusted ISS to manage their schools and maintain an international standard of excellence. The ISS approach assigns an experienced, senior international educator to support each ISS school. They provide ongoing guidance and mentorship to the administration, quality assurance to the board and a sense of continuity when any change in school administration happens. ISS management gives boards and parents the comfort of knowing that world-class professional educators are partnering with them to provide the best possible future for their school.

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SUPPLY A SCHOOL From textbooks to computers to playground equipment, ISS School Supply helps schools around the world streamline purchasing and save money. Leveraging new technology, we work to meet the purchasing and shipping needs of over 100 schools each year, all while minimizing paperwork and headaches. Our client schools are located everywhere from Kazakhstan to Costa Rica, and range in size from less than 10 students to more than 3,500.

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HIRE EDUCATORS International schools are on the rise, and the demand for quality teachers and administrators has increased exponentially. Through targeted marketing, state-of-the-art recruiting technologies and a personalized screening approach, ISS consistently connects highly-qualified and motivated candidates with international schools around the world.

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ISS MANAGED SCHOOLS ISS provides school startup and management services focused on establishing schools which reflect the highest international standards of excellence in education. Every aspect of our school development services – curriculum, facilities, staffing, admissions, marketing, and leadership – is centered on improving the quality of student learning. ISS is committed to working with clients to achieve a successful and sustainable school model whether the school is large or small, profit or nonprofit, or serving expatriate or host country students. 

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DELIVERING THE RIGHT LEADER For decades, the ISS Administrative Search Team has been conducting global searches, connecting international schools with outstanding administrative candidates. The ISS Senior Search Consultants leverage their vast experience as school leaders in the international community to help your school find the right fit for your team. ISS is committed to excellence, offering custom approaches to fit the unique needs of each individual school.

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Contact Us Address:- 15 Roszel Road P.O. Box 5910 Princeton, NJ 08543 USA Phone: 609-452-0990 Fax: 609-452-2690 Website:-

Summary: ISS is nonprofit leader in global school management, international teacher recruitment and overseas education services and are committed to creating and supporting world-class schools across the globe.

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