WPS Setup for 123 HP Printer


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How is 123 HP Printer WPS Setup Made?

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The 123 HP Printer WPS Setup is made simple by following the below steps. It is always preferred to connect printing devices in wireless network connectivity. This not only decreases the cable usage overhead and also helps to keep work-station structured and classy. Instructions for both Windows and Mac operating system are provide separately for the sake of user convenience. Remember to make sure you utilise correct set of instructions before proceeding with your WPS Setup. Windows operating system - WPS Setup: If you have not already renamed your home network, the name has to be noted and password to be retrieved from a device which is already connected to network. The PC and your printer to be connected to your home network for successfully completion of the 123 HP Printer WPS Setup.

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Ensure all the USB and Ethernet wires are plugged out from your HP printer. Change the connectivity of your printer from wired to wireless setting(123.hp.com/dj3630).. HP Printer Assistant software should have been already downloaded and installed. Select the Utilities menu to select the Printer Setup and Software Selection setting. Connect a new printer option can be opted if you are connecting for the first-time. Otherwise the user can opt Convert a USB connected printer to wireless option. The setup process could be completed by pressing the Wi-Fi setting related button.

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Before entering setup procedures please ensure, the printer software and drivers are downloaded and installed on corresponding individual devices. Mac operating system WPS Setup The network name is noted and a password is procured, this could be done only if you have other system connected to the same network. The PC and printer are to be connected to the network. The printer and PC should be connected in wired connectivity before starting your setup procedure. All the running applications are closed on your PC to complete the remaining 123 HP Printer WPS Setup procedures.

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The button accompanied with the Wi-Fi setting is clicked to complete the setup. Make sure the HP Printer Assistant software is downloaded and installed beforehand on your PC. The 123 HP Printer WPS setup can be successfully completed following the above procedures, In case of any queries or any further technical assistance call us on our toll-free number +1-855-716-3550 else visit us at 123-hp-com-dj.com 

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