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Linkbuilding Lessons from PR Will Critchlow

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I’m not here to teach you PR

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PR for links: Domain authority Domain diversity Occasionally anchor text

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Please no (“optimising”)

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What about “syndicating”? Want links?

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Not so much

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Luckily the rest worked

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Some skills

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Some tips and tricks

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Do your research Define your target beforehand. Spread widely – outside your niche. But not too widely. Unlikely

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Seek disinterested sources most social media is gamed

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Phone > Email. Write better emails. Think sales

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= =

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= chatty (image: problogger) Brief release = (or pitch into existing content)

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Networking = “what can I do for you?” …get the second link

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Facebook. Seriously.

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Social proof:

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internal networking

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Guest blog like a PR

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Don’t forget the niches

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Rank for stuff

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Will Critchlow – Q&A I co-founded Distilled in 2005 We opened an office in Seattle this year I’m a sucker for infographics

Summary: Skills tips and tricks that SEOs can learn from PRs and the PR industry to build links more effectively.

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