Great Britain Quiz 2


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Викторина по английскому языку «Великобритания» Автор проекта: учитель английского языка ГУО “Гимназия №4 г.Барановичи” Булах Ольга Александровна

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Quiz “Great Britain” What is the official name of Great Britain? a) the United Kingdom b) England c) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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2. Choose the Flag of Great Britain: 1) 2) 3)

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3. What is the capital of Great Britain? a) London b) Cardiff c) Belfast

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4. What is the capital of Wales? Belfast Cardiff Oxford

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5.What is the capital of England? Birmingham London Edinburgh

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6. What is the capital of Scotland? Edinburgh Cardiff Belfast

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7. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? Belfast Cambridge York

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8. Which country does this flag belong to? Scotland England Wales Northern Ireland

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9. What is the symbol of Scotland? a) the rose b) the daffodil c) the thistle d) shamrock

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10. What river is London on? the Severn the Thames the Avon

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11. Where is Nelson’s Column? in Parliament Square in Piccadilly Circus in Trafalgar Square

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12. How do Londoners call the underground? the Tube the Tunnel the Metro

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13. What language do the British speak? English Gaelic British

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14. Who is the head of Great Britain? Prime Minister Queen President

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15. What is it? the Coliseum Westminster Stonehenge

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16. What is it? The British Museum Buckingham Palace The Houses of Parliament

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17. How many Houses are there in the British Parliament? one two three

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18. When was the Great Fire of London? 1666 1066 1866

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19. Big Ben is the nickname of the… Clock Tower Bell

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20. What is the London residence of the Queen nowadays? The Tower of London Windsor Castle Buckingham Palace

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21. What colour are most London taxis? red yellow black

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22. What is the national drink in Britain? coffee tea juice

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23. What is the English children’s favourite holiday? Easter New Year Christmas

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24. Who do children write letters to before Christmas? Queen Parents Santa Claus

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25. Who built St Paul’s Cathedral? King Arthur Paul Sir Christopher Wren

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Summary: Great Britain Quiz #2 by Olga Bulakh, Gymnasium 4 Baranovichi

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