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Welcome to Bird Vet Melbourne We are able to offer your pet bird excellent veterinary care from preventative medicine to advanced medical, diagnostic and surgical procedures.

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About us Melbourne bird Vet, A specialist Avian clinic with three trained avian vets. Bird Vet Melbourne is located in Burwood , a south eastern suburb of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia

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Bird Vet Melbourne Welcome to Bird Vet Melbourne a specialist Bird veterinary clinic. With five avian vets on Staff. The bird vet hospital is designed to cater for Specialist Bird vet services.

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Bird Microchipping Bird vet Melbourne microchips birds while you wait. You should microchip your bird. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is injected by our avian vets as a permanent identification.

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Bird Vet Endoscopy Bird vet endoscopy is a key hole surgical procedure for avian vets to assess internal organs like respiratory and reproductive disease. The Melbourne Bird vet has avian endoscopy available.

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For More Information Visit us at http://birdvetmelbourne.com/

Summary: The Poultry vet treats disease of chickens and backyard hens. The bird clinic also supplies chicken vet products like cocci -Amprolium suitable for egg laying backyard hens. http://birdvetmelbourne.com/chicken-vet/reproductive-disease/

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